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Girl Traveling Alone in January to Australia! Advice Please!

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Girl Traveling Alone in January to Australia! Advice Please!


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21. Posted by a.v.99 (Budding Member 83 posts) 6y

heya loriii

lol have you handed your notice in yet, i handed mine in the other day, everythng now is starting to feel pretty real now, ive got everything booked up, handed my notice in, got my references sorted..i just need a backpack still..those things are expensive!......

dunno if you know but if your considering going to the bondi beach party on nye, you need to buy tickets for it.

22. Posted by loriiii (Budding Member 6 posts) 6y


I tried to message you but it keep failing for some reason!! :(

ive not handed my notice in yet! Not planning on going over until mid January so il hand my notice in first week in December i think. Really wish i could get over there for new years but i just dont think i can do it need to sell my car and raise more money really so mid janaury it is for me! Will you still be around Sydney in January? When are you going over again? Early December?

Im so scared still, i cant actually believe im going to do it but i know i have to just do it!! I still need to apply for my visa! Got paid today so think il do it tonight!!


23. Posted by a.v.99 (Budding Member 83 posts) 6y

heya loriii

im just about getting all my money together.

im heading over mid december just before xmas day..i cant wait to experiance new years eve out there, well i cant wait to get out there full stop lol.

you know its not really sank in that im going yet, i mean its all i can think about but its not really sank in!

yeah i should still be in sydney for a few weeks in jan, my plan is to head over to south aus, but who knows, my plans could change once im out there.
are you planning on staying in sydney for long?

yeah i did my visa at night when i applied for it and got the acceptance back within two hours, are you doing it off the official site?

hey are you on facebook.send me a private message with your addy and i'll add ya

24. Posted by tomtvl (Budding Member 26 posts) 6y

Hey Laura,

I think what your doing is one great step to finding what you really want in life. Australia is a great place,
enjoy and do fascinate yourself out there. Get out in the sun and live free. Don't forget your camera, you don't
want to miss out all the great moments in the city, the beaches, and of course the outbacks. However don't ever to forget
and tend to yourself, safety first, take some time to think about things twice and always trust your instincts. Have
a great time. :)