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looking for some mate for road trip around australia

Travel Forums Travel Companions looking for some mate for road trip around australia

1. Posted by jojolego (Budding Member 3 posts) 6y

Hello everyone,

I'm Jojo, 27 years old, single, cool, roots and easy going. Usually living the present day. I'm passionate about music, traveling, wild life and nature.

I'm planing a working holiday visa for 6/8 months around Australia before moving to New Zeeland, Tasmania, New Caledonia and Thailand.

I'm looking for one or several companions (up to 3), same kind of profile (or not) boys or girls to share expanses and this incredible adventure.

I don't have any final plan exept starting around 15 of january 2011 in Perth for couples of weeks, time to look for a cheap campervan to hit the road….

I don't know neither where to go first, we need to work on it together but basically I would like to go everywhere, mostly national parks for hiking and do extreme sport and farms for fruit picking to get some more money to keep going.
Plus some surf, concerts and festivals.
I'm not really attracted by big city but I'm planning to visit them as well…

So if you are somehow interested to share this awesome adventure with a cool french guy just let me know.

cheer guys

2. Posted by Robbie1989 (Budding Member 23 posts) 6y

Hello dude,

Your trip sounds very good. I am just as passionate about music, traveling, wild life and nature too.

I have always wanted to work and travel too and well after reading your post, it sounds like fun. Austrailia is abit expensive for me to get too so soon, but If I knew abit more about your funding plans, then I could work something out?
How much are you going to be leaving with etc...


3. Posted by jojolego (Budding Member 3 posts) 6y

Hey Rob,

So basicaly i'm planing this trip since last 2 years for saving enough money cause as you said, Australia is very expencive destination.
What about my Budget?

1- 5000 € for the van (less if i find somebody to share)
2- 2500 € for the flight ticket (it's an open around the world flight ticket, included: Australia, NZ, New Caledonia and Thailande)
3- 4000/5000 € for starting the road trip (gazol, camping, food, activities) I would like to spend the first couple of months without working a lot...:)
4- in between 500 to 700 € for visa + health insurance

As you can notice it's a lot of money but it is a on year trip and of course it would be better to share those expenses...

What about you? who are you? how old are you? what is your plan??


4. Posted by Robbie1989 (Budding Member 23 posts) 6y

Well to start with, I havent got that sort of money and I dont think I ever will haha.
Im just looking to get a cheap flight someplace with a small amount of cash and some gear to keep me going and then just travel around and work as I go. Sounds crazy I know, but I just cant afford big amounts of money to go.
I will just travel and work until I get bored, then I will come home again to my parents. Im 21, male and looking for some wild adventures :D