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South america - to go or not to go....

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1. Posted by AO'Brien (Budding Member 10 posts) 6y

Hi Everybody,

I am planning my 1st trip ever around the world & am well excited, so far plan to depart UK June 2011 & go to the following places on a basic / mid range budget (i.e. not 5 star but not sharing beds)

India -1 month (triangle + nepal)
China - 1 month (hong kong - beijing)
North Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam - 1 /2 month
South Thailand, Malaysia, Bali - 2 month
Australia - 2 months
NZ - 2 month

We could spend rest of the time (apx 1/2 months) in the pacific islands & america (LA) or go to south america!!?? Which would you do??

I see the benefit of goin to pacific islands & LA is more time in the above countries, i am very interested in visitin south america. However worried that we are cramin too much in 1 year travel if we go to south amercia too? WHat do you reckon???

Has anyone been to the above places? Do you think we need more or less time allocated above. Any hints / advise or tips woudl be very much appreciated, sure whatever we do will be amazin but do like to do my research.

Roll on June 2012

2. Posted by vanessa (Travel Guru 257 posts) 6y

South America, South America and South America!

3. Posted by AO'Brien (Budding Member 10 posts) 6y

Thanks alot of people do say so too. Where abouts? & How much money will we need. And 1 month or 2 months?

4. Posted by mandy-23 (Inactive 1 posts) 6y

south america is a place i`ve never been to but i see africa is not on your list.its amazing;)

5. Posted by Larissaa (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y

Come to peru (-South america)
you will like it
if you need any advice you can ask

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7. Posted by Beowulf35 (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y

South America is GREAT! I lived in Uruguay for a year and made it my base to explore the rest of the continent. It's worthwile - Buenos Aires is a dream btw. and the nice thing is, it's not that expensive. Crime was not an issue for me and I felt save at all times (just don't go to dodgy neighbourhoods after dark)

And yes: I've been to most of the places you mentioned:
India -1 month (triangle + nepal) - India is great. The only thing that bothered me there was the begging. But India is a must see country
China - 1 month (hong kong - beijing): I live in China currently. HK is expensive, but if you go to the islands off Hong Kong island (like Lantau) it is worthwile. Beijing is one of my favourite cities and lots to see and do. A good (gay) nightlife btw
North Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam - 1 /2 month : Chang Mai in Thailand is good. I went on a 3 day trek trough the the jungle (including one day on a VERY slow elephant).
South Thailand, Malaysia, Bali - 2 month: Malaysia is a bit boring but if you want to taste South East Asia the Easy Way; Malaysia will do. I=== took the overnight train from GeorgeTown in Malaysia to Bangkok - very comfortable. I also lived in Indonesia (Surabaya) for 2 years and Bali is good but also a bit disappointing (the beaches - if you are not a surfer. The culture,however, is interesting). ===
Australia - 2 months - Oz is Oz. Easy to travel with great and wacky people!
NZ - 2 month: Same as Oz but with more dramatic landscapes and do I dare say friendlier people.

8. Posted by AO'Brien (Budding Member 10 posts) 6y

Wow, thanks everybody for all your feedback it is really helpful & interesting to read

I am keen of south africa but it adds an additional £550 each onto the atw ticket, which is outside our budget.

Is it easy to get around south america, where would you go, i love the look of the waterful

Main reason I wana go Malaysia Borneo, like the look of Bali although not sure how easy it is to get there & if worth the journey havent herd too much about Indonesia, any advice...


9. Posted by Beowulf35 (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y

Indonesia is a better bet if you look for adventure. I have travelled a bit in Indonesia - Java, Sumatra, Bali, Sulawesi, Kalimantan (Indonesian side of Borneo, where you can see the orangutans) and Lombok. Sometimes you hate it, but most of the time you will love it (if you are a first time traveller to Asia). Just follow the backpack route: From Bali to Lombok and then on to the Gili islands to get sanity from the reality there. Really great stuff! Just remember the roads are in a poor condition, trains are slow (but not that bad). Indonesia rocks! The food is great - think grilled chicken sate with peanut sauce as a starter

10. Posted by Beowulf35 (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y

Oh to get back to South America... There are several busses from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguasu (the waterfalls you mentioned - I presume. You can get a bus for about US$60 one way). 17 hours in a luxury bus where they offer you a meal and even wiskey!. Foz the Iguazu on the Brazilian side is not interesting really. I found the Argentyne side was better if you want to experience the falls. (Rubber duck tours are on offer on both sides). a bit scary, but again heaps of fun!