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about Schengen visa/ maximum 90 days within 90 day period

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1. Posted by sedakaray (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y

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my nationality is Turkish and I took my Schengen visa from Greece because I am going to attend a traineeship in Athens. They give me turistic visa (type C) with the duration of 90 days. Actually I asked for national visa for the duration of 7 months (my invitation letter was for 7 months). However, they said that it is impossible for this traineeship and they offered me to give 90 days visa and the guyin the Embassy was quite clear about that I have to come back after 3months and wait for 3 months to apply visa again. ( yes, I know this, max. 90 days within 180 day period). So I accepted..

They give me visa like that; valid date: from 03.11.2010 to 31.01.2011
duration of stay: 90 days.

Normally they give it with validation for 6 months and limit the duration of stay for 90 days. So when you come back after 90 days, you cannot apply visa again for 3 months. You have to wait..

So I am surprised with my visa and I would like to learn maybe I can apply visa again after I come back to Turkey at the end of 3 months stay in Greece..I don't know... This is the first time that I face with this..

Could you please help me??? Is this possible? or again I have to wait for 3 months?

thanksss from now....I am really confused..


2. Posted by Gpk2010 (Budding Member 13 posts) 6y


sorry about this, those are Schengen rules, nothing to do with Greece.

it depends on the traineeship. If this is by a recognized university you could get a student visa. If this is by a company it depends on the company, how well known it is and how good a reputation it has, to get a business type visa (the company has to provide a letter for you to give to the visa people)

They gave you (as they are supposed to do) a general use (aka tourist visa). Also notice that you CANNOT work under this status (you will NOT get a work permit)

There is no way around the law, it is an international law.

there is also the rule of reciprocity: the flexibility of the rules are co-depending on the way Turkey is behaving in the international scene and in the bilateral relationship

hope this helps

3. Posted by sedakaray (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y

Dear GPK,

Thank you very much for you interest and quick reply. Yes I know that I cannot work, it is ok.

But my question is about; my visa is 'maximum 90 days within 90 day period'. not '180 days period'

So I would like to learn that when I come back to Turkey at the end of 3 months, normally I have to wait 3 months to apply C type visa again. However because its validation is going to be over ( because of 'maximum 90 days within 90 day period'. not '180 days period'), I thought that maybe it is possible to apply without waiting 3 months.
Is this possible?

Othervise, I will try to manage it with my school when I arrive there. I will come back at the end of 3 months and apply again for longstay visa.

But if it is possible to take a schengen visa (the same one that I have now) without waiting 3 months in Turkey, I can also do this. this could be more easier. So totally I will be able to stay 6 months on there..

Thank you very much again...