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What can I see and do in Warsaw?

Travel Forums Europe What can I see and do in Warsaw?

1. Posted by micmacmoc (Budding Member 14 posts) 6y

Hello I am going to Poland it is my first trip I am very interest in history what can I see and do there?

2. Posted by itsmits (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y

wow... its a historic place. dont know what can be there for tourist attraction..but as a history enthusiast you can get to see WWar II sites and monuments.. if they still exists. Have seen Schindler's list and know that warsaw has witnessed worst part of human civilization (so called)

3. Posted by micmacmoc (Budding Member 14 posts) 6y

Thank you for your advice I have to watch same movies and read a bit to understand difficult polish history.

4. Posted by Alicja (Budding Member 238 posts) 6y

Old and New City, Scince and Culture Palace (great view from the last stage), Wilanow palace, Royal Castle, Sicnce Center Kopernik, a lot of museums. It is preety nice city. Have great travel!

5. Posted by micmacmoc (Budding Member 14 posts) 6y

Great Alicja thanks. Which museums you recomend me to see?

6. Posted by Claire2010 (Budding Member 29 posts) 6y

Warsaw is a great place, I love going back there. I would recommend travelling by train as it is quite cheap. I like taking bus tours to Lazienki Park and the Old Town which is guided so they provide a good history lesson to learn about the culture. If you have time and you are interested in finding out about the Jewish Ghetto, visit Pawiak Prison. It offers an insight into life in Warsaw during the Second World War and is free to get into.

When are you looking to go?

Claire :)

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8. Posted by micmacmoc (Budding Member 14 posts) 6y

I am planing to go on May. It is my first trip to east that's why I am so excited.
Were you Claire more then once in Warsaw? Yes I want to take guide but maybe private guide to understand more. Do you know somebody?
Yes I want to find out about Jewish history and visit museums.
Did you visit Chopin museum or rising museum?

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10. Posted by raco (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y

chopin and uprising museum are both modern, worth to visit. but you should book about 3 hours minimum for chopin's and the next 3 hours for uprising. I recommend to visit: Old and New Town, Royal Route from Royal Castle to Łazienki Park (there you can also see Sejm, Ujazdowski Park, wonderfull view from tarrace above Agrykola Park in front of Ujazdowski Palace where you can try very tasty food in Qchnia Artystyczna -Art Kitchen).After visiting Palace on Water in Łazienki you should go to Zbawiciela Square through Wyzwolenia Avenue (my favourite, vibrant Square in Warsaw wiTh same good places to rest for example Cafe Karma, Plan B. After a few minutes break you can start to watch post war part of Warsaw - go from Zbawiciela Square to Konstytucji Square - there ale tall buildings that were built during Stalinism till 1956 (I like to watch city and people drinking a cup of tea in armchair in window of green coffee sitting in the middle of the Marszałkowska Street, specially after dark because of beautiful old neons on left). If you go straight 1 km you will reach the city center with Palace of Culture on the left (gift from Stalin to Warsaw )You have too see a panorama of the city from its tarrace on 36 floor -snip-

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