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Los Angeles For 2 days no car

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1. Posted by shoesmith8 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!


I hope you guys can help me out. I'm visiting Los Angeles on business in December and will have 2 whole days (Saturday and Sunday ) in Los Angeles. My problem is I will be travelling on my own and have NO car!

I will be flying home to London from LAX on a Monday evening. I want to find somewhere that is pretty central that is not to far away from LAX airport.

Looking for a nice hotel costing no more than $120 per night. I want to cram as much into these two days as possible.

I have heard there are quite a few different coach trips from LA. Was thinking of doing the best of Los Angeles coach trip on the Saturday ( lasts 2 hours ) and wanted to know what I could do afterwards in the afternoon? Would like to visit a beach and have some food over looking the ocean in relatively peaceful surroundings.

On the Sunday I was thinking of going to Tijuana Mexico for the day via an escorted bus trip. I have heard some negative reviews about the place and safety concerns. Is this true? Would you advise against me visiting as I will be on my own?

If Tijuana is off limits what else would you say I could do with my time in the LA area bearing in mind I will be without a car.

Really excited to visit and would love your views and help to make my stay the best ever!

Many Thanks

Rob Shoesmith

2. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 2012 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

I wouldn't go to TJ, and I love the town - just too dangerous right now. LA with no car is rather impossible - you need to rethink this. Public transportation only good in the central core of the city, and the best of LA is outside of this core. Without a car you will be spending precious time waiting around for transport, and buses in this town are no where near as frequent or efficient as in London. LA is the world's Auto City!

3. Posted by Calcruzer (Travel Guru 2003 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

I'm not sure where the business you are traveling to is located, but just to give you an idea of distances--driving from the LA airport (LAX) to downtown LA is 32 kilometers--and there is very little to do in downtown--since most the tourist attractions are either 15 kilometers NW of town (Hollywood and Universal City), 40 kilometers SE of town (Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach), or out-of-town (Las Vegas is 500 kilometers away--but only a one-hour plane ride), and San Diego is 200 kilometers away to the south), Palm Springs can be reached from the downtown area (and is busy in December--being a very popular vacation spot at this time of year--and lastly, you could fly to San Francisco for the weekend. Also, keep in mind that December is the start of winter--so the beaches will all be "dead" this time of year everywhere in California.

You talk about going to Tijuana--but I don't think you realize that this is about 250 kilometers to the south--about the same distance as going from London to Sheffield--but without any train connection for the last 50 kilometers of the trip. You could take the bus, but that's not going to be all that much fun unless its a party bus that has fun stuff going on for the trip both ways (you are more likely to find one of these on a weekend going to Las Vegas--and that might be a very fun option).

Here are your choices as I see them.

(1) Take the subway to downtown, and then transfer at Union Station (the train station) to the subway up to Universal Studios and visit there--and then maybe take the subway down to Hollywood the next day (stay near Universal Studios on Saturday night).

(2) Stay near the LA airport, and then take a one-hour flight to Las Vegas, San Francisco or San Diego. (Getting around to other LA sights than Universal Studios or Hollywood without a car is an impossibility). If you book a flight, get something for the weekend on Southwest (need to book like right now for this option), or

(3) Get a "party fun bus" to Las Vegas and back for the weekend--but realize that Monday in the office you will be exhausted, or

(4) Take the train or a bus to Palm Springs, which will be busier (and much warmer) this time of year. Even this is about 200 kilometers away. Take the tram to the top of the mountains at night and spend the days at the pool or on one of their excellent golf courses. Here's a website article that tells you how to get to Palm Springs from the LA area

For the price, I'd consider (3) as the most cost effective, yet fun-- then (4) if the weather is hot (at least 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit) in Palm Springs. If the weather is to be cooler than that, do (1) or (2). Either that or get a rental car--it really is mandatory in LA.