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Hostels - What sleeping gear is generally required?

Travel Forums Travel Gear Hostels - What sleeping gear is generally required?

1. Posted by ThatsLife (Budding Member, 16 posts) 6 Nov '10 12:42

Just as it says on the tin - What is required? I obviously want to take as little as possible with me so just wondering what the general protocol is? Am I expected to bring a sleeping bag for example, or a sheet?

Might seem obvious but I guess we all have to start somewhere :) x

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin, 5579 posts) 7 Nov '10 01:28

I usually have a sleeping bag with me 'just in case', but in reality you get sheets pretty much everywhere now. Sometimes even if you do have a sleeping bag with you you aren't allowed to use it in order to minimize the risk of bed bugs being left behind. A lighter compromise could be one of those sheet bags, for lack of a better word. Basically same as a sleeping bag, but much lighter to carry along. Unless you are planning to camp, that usually will be sufficiently warm.

3. Posted by ThatsLife (Budding Member, 16 posts) 7 Nov '10 10:19

That's brilliant, thank you for your response :) I will start googling! x

4. Posted by Eddcollict (Budding Member, 2 posts) 7 Nov '10 20:20

if you wanna travel lite, u dont need a sleeping bag unless camping.

5. Posted by sepilokfui (Budding Member, 75 posts) 8 Nov '10 01:57

In South America, even you want to camp or some places you travel is cold, you can always "rent a sleeping bag" with a minimum cost. I had tried twice, it is pretty clean. I found it is too heavy to have one carry around.

6. Posted by Bobby1 (Budding Member, 18 posts) 8 Nov '10 12:50

Whilist on the subject of sleeping, do people take PJ's with them? This is a bit random i know x