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Anyone looking for a travel buddy for S.E. Asia in Jan 2011?

Travel Forums Travel Companions Anyone looking for a travel buddy for S.E. Asia in Jan 2011?

1. Posted by mattld (Budding Member, 6 posts) 7 Nov '10 23:34


My name's Matt and I am off on a 4 month RTW travel break starting in January. My plan is to fly to Bangkok around the 5th and cover off Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Lao over a 2 month period.

I am then going to Oz in March to do the West Coast and finally New Zealand in April before I come back home via LA and possibly Fiji depending on pricing. I am 27 years old and from Ireland. Had planned to do the above with my best mate but he no longer can afford it so am a bit anxious about doing Asia alone!

If interested let me know and we can talk in more detail. Cheers! :)

2. Posted by mattld (Budding Member, 6 posts) 7 Nov '10 23:36

Meant to add I'm currently in Oz at the moment doing Sydney and then the East Coast from next week until Christmas.

You can find out more about me here:

3. Posted by jake85 (Budding Member, 7 posts) 14 Nov '10 10:12

Hey Matt,

I have very similiar plans! Alhough, im flying in to Bangkok on the 11th. If your still around by then, it would be great o meet up and travel around together. Im planning to head north to cheing mai, before heading into loas, vietnam, cambodia and then traveling south to singapore.

Let me know if this interests you :)

4. Posted by mattld (Budding Member, 6 posts) 14 Nov '10 16:07


Good to hear from ya! I'll msg ya now :)

5. Posted by lmunro88 (Budding Member, 3 posts) 16 Dec '10 13:59

Hey chaps,

I'm flying into BKK on the 5th Jan, and am also a solo backpacker. I'm aiming to backpack around Mainland SEA for 2 months before flying out of Singapore. What are your latest plans?