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India, later maybe South East Asia and Australia / start Dec

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1. Posted by ceasar (Budding Member 3 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!


I began palnning my long term trip around India. I thinking start in December or
January, becouse I still don't have ticket but probably in this or next week I
will do that. I want to travel cheapest way-hitchhicking, sleeping in a tent,
make the food on my own... I have full equipment for myself. I don't have
correctly plan where I wanna go, I just wanna see different life, country and
most of it different people; give more time for thinking about my future life,
read a books... My english is not fluent, but I understand very well, but some
time is difficult full explain my mind in english :) I'm 20 years old guy from
Lithuania, some time funny, some time strange :) tolerant, good, not party man,
but not all time, I think open mind, so I also looking another person with open
mind, similar plans, freedom of time. It's not so important or it will be girl
or boy, it will be very cool if I meet Franch or Portuguese, because I realy
wanna learn these language, but it does not matter...

I hope so I will meet fellow traveler :) also maybe somebody can recomend
another site/forum for my searching?


[ Edit: Sorry, no personal details please. ]

2. Posted by itamarb (Budding Member 4 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

I wish you all the best with your great journey ahead!
I would like to comment about several things you've written:

1. December-January is a great time to explore most of India, so your timing is good. The only exclusion will be Himalayas for the beginning of your trip. Later on in march-april you will be able to slowly go north into the Himalaya.

2. I respect your wish to keep your expanses to minimum but India is super cheap so staying in a tent and preparing your own food would be rather unusual. I've only hitch-hiked in highly remote areas such as Nubra valley, etc. Since India is so big you will probably have to rely on the train system which is fun, so don't worry about it! (Delhi to Kolkata costs about 9$!). I really do not recommend staying in a tent unless you're in the nature, since you will get harassed. I also do not recommend cooking your own food since its so cheap anyway and much more interesting to taste the local food. For you information - spending about 250$ per month is very realistic in India without having to sleep in a tent, cook your own food, or hitchhike.

3. Your english is fine and will certainly be sufficient for traveling!
4. You're going to love India and don't worry about finding travel buddies, as you'll see many backpackers on your trail and its very easy to find backpackers with similar plans.

5. A fantastic site for India is

Take care!

3. Posted by ceasar (Budding Member 3 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

start december 31 in Delhi, still waiting for suggestions :)

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