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2 weeks in Italy - aiuto!!!

Travel Forums Europe 2 weeks in Italy - aiuto!!!

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1. Posted by deediaz (Budding Member 40 posts) 6y

Hello all =)

My husband and I will be in Italy at the end of December 2010. It will be our first time in Italy and we will be there for 2 weeks. This is what we have planned:

23 Dec. Paris to Milano (arriving 22:00 by air)

24 Dec. Milano

25 Dec. Milano to Firenze by train

26 Dec. Firenze

27 Dec. Firenze

28 Dec. Perugia (either day trip from Florence or staying over night)

29 Dec. Roma

30 Dec. Roma

31 Dec. Roma

1 Jan. Roma (day trip to Naples)

2 Jan. Roma to Venezia by train

3 Jan. Venezia

4 Jan. Venezia to Milano by train

5 Jan. time to go home =(

I know it seems like a lot to fit in. I would love to hear what other Surfers think. We need to finalize our plans so that we can make our hotel reservations (we know we'll have a hard time doing so since it is Christmas/New Years)

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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2. Posted by Sallyxx (Budding Member 42 posts) 6y

OK I may be way off as I don't have time to check train schedules, but have you considered going from Milano to Venice and then on to Florence or Rome and flying out of Rome/Florence instead of returning to Milan? The way you've planned your itinerary it looks like you're back tracking a fair bit. Even if you have to fly out of Milan, I think you will benefit from arranging your route as a circle rather than criss-crossing.

Other than that I don't think it's too much to fit in. I've travelled a lot more agressively.

You really should stop in Verona. It's a gorgeous city, roughly half way between Milan and Venice. You could stop en route - leave Milan early, spend a few hours in Verona, then continue to Venice. Personally I found Verona more interesting than Milan.

3. Posted by deediaz (Budding Member 40 posts) 6y

Sallyxx, always so helpful =)

We are flying into Milano only because it was the most afforable airfare we found. There was a big difference in price flying into any of the other cities. (big enough to make us pick it, we had no real interest in going to Milano otherwise) I am, however, excited to see the Duomo.

We were interested in passing through Verona. We're still in the process of figure out the train system... as of now, I'm EXTREMELY CONFUSED..there is so much information out there it becomes overwhelming. Do you know of a website that helps you with train tickets/passes?

Thanks for all your help Sallyxx

4. Posted by Sallyxx (Budding Member 42 posts) 6y

Hi Deediaz,

Have a look at this thread and make a note of the three websites mentioned: Raileurope, the German rail website and the man in seat 61:

Have a look at a rail map of Italy (use google), work out the fast rail routes vs. regional ones, then check schedules on the German or the French website (Raileurope) or both. The way the train routes work will determine your itinerary. Aim for a cirle, it will be a lot more efficient than backtracking.

Here's another tip: search google for ready-made train journeys, like the ones offered by specialist travel agents. They'll give you an idea of the best order to follow and best connections. With a bit of luck, you might find a ready-made package that suits you and be spared the planning process! If not, at the very list you'll get some guidance.

5. Posted by vanessa (Travel Guru 257 posts) 6y

If it's still possible for hotel-booking or other things, I would change to one-way trip, from North (Milano) to South or vv
I'd fly to Venice directy, letting Milano (not nessesary for 1st time visit) and Verona (lovely, but really toooooo touristic).
From Venice - dropping South as slow as u could, definatelly via Firence and dont miss Sienna near! (Sienna is not big, u can do in 1/2 day).
Then I would stay in Tuscany and Umbria as long as I could do, and finally arrive Roma, from there fly home.
If u want Napoli - then add it last day and return France from there, I dont see any reason to spend so much time in trains.
I hope changes will b possible, if not yet everythin is booked. Roma itself needs at least 2 full days, better 3 days (one for Vatican).
Italy is the best choice ever!
enjoy your trip!

6. Posted by deediaz (Budding Member 40 posts) 6y

Thanks Sallyxx - We based our itinerary off of Rick Steve's website (rail pass section). And we followed his order (minus a few cities that he included which we left out for lack of time)

Vanessa - we are not able to make changes to our air tickets. We fly from the States round trip to Milano. We looked into all the options, flying into one city and out from another; flying into a smaller airport, etc. The roundtrip Milano was the most affordable by a large amount. We got a really good deal on the tickets in comparison to the prices we were seeing so we couldn't miss out.

I know we'll be back tracking a bit but we thought maybe an overnight train from Rome to Venice would make up for it? What do you think?


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8. Posted by theallen2 (Budding Member 3 posts) 6y

A couple suggestions from what I learned last spring.
In Firenze we had tickets for a red double-decker tour bus, I can't remember the name. I know this sounds too touristy, but it had stops all over the city and you could get on and off when and where you wanted. It saved us a ton of walking and helped us get to experience more of the city than we would have seen walking, plus we got a little more history on the city. A lot of people like to go to the top of the Duomo, but I would skip the line and go to piazzale michelangelo, which is the best view of the city.
Personally, I would skip Naples. It was very dirty and a little seedy. Take the local rail from Naples station to Pompeii (If you like history) or past that to Sorrento. Its a beautiful coastal town well worth the train ride.

9. Posted by mapsandmoxie (Full Member 183 posts) 6y

Quoting theallen2

Personally, I would skip Naples. It was very dirty and a little seedy. Take the local rail from Naples station to Pompeii (If you like history) or past that to Sorrento. Its a beautiful coastal town well worth the train ride.

I would second that. Naples was disappointing, but Pompeii surprised me with how interesting it was. I would also include the Cinque Terre on the way down to Firenze. I don't remember how long the train rides were off the top of my head, so I'm not sure how tight it would be for time, but it's something to consider. :)

10. Posted by deediaz (Budding Member 40 posts) 6y

Thanks for the info. We might be skipping Naples just based on time constraints alone. We would love to be able to include the Cinque Terre, but once again, our time is limited and we don't want to "over do" it. Even though many have said that we already are over doing it with this planned itinerary.

I'm so excited, our trip is only 16 days away!!!!