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Padlocks and general awareness in Thailand

Travel Forums Travel Gear Padlocks and general awareness in Thailand

1. Posted by ems99 (Budding Member 31 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

I'm currently backpacking around South East Asia and have been in southern Thailand for 3 weeks now.

I recently put my large rucksack onto a coach in the stowaway part (underneath) along with many other travellers on the way from Surat Thani to Koh Phangnan. Once I'd checked into my room in Koh Phagnan I realised that my whole rucksack had been rifled through and everything was in a different place and things out of little bags/zip up bags I keep things in

My bag had '3 combination' padlocks on - one at the top opening and one at the bottom opening (a Berghaus Jalan rucksack) - so I couldn't think for the LIFE of me how they got into my bag?!?!? BUT... have since read a few things online about how easy it is for 3 combination padlocks to be opened. My padlocks cost about 6gbp each from Boots in England... and so I don't think I spent enough on my 'security'.

Just wanted to post this so that people who are off travelling in the next few months think about their security steps a bit more if they don't want their bags rifled through and stuff stolen.

I'm now taking my large rucksack onto coaches with me and refusing to stow the bag underneath the coach. Leg room is a little comprimised, but until I get to Oz in a few weeks and buy better padlocks, I just don't trust 'em!! (I've since seen a few other travellers doing the same)

Another note on security...sorry it's all spilling out now.. if you hire a bicycle anywhere, DON'T put your bag in the basket in front of you.... try and wear a bag across your body when you're cycling (unless you're a 6ft guy that noone will bother with!). I was cycling in Hoi An from the town to the beach and a moped slowed down right next to me and the passenger streched out and grabbed my bag out of my basket.. luckily I yanked the bag back and twisted my handlebars away so it got out of their grip. Just a thought I'd share that one too. It's all common sense and I didn't have any with me that day did I!!