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Just a few quick questions about trains rides in Germany.

Travel Forums Europe Just a few quick questions about trains rides in Germany.

1. Posted by aoiii (Budding Member 13 posts) 6y

so i was checking out some train prices in this site . i was looking at a train from Amsterdam to Berlin. and this is what it shows.

Amsterdam Centraal Th, 10.02.11 dep 07:04 4b ICE 121 Intercity-Express Please reserve, Bordbistro
Duisburg Hbf Th, 10.02.11 arr 09:06 2
Duisburg Hbf Th, 10.02.11 dep 10:10 13 ICE 847 Intercity-Express Bordrestaurant
Berlin Hbf Th, 10.02.11 arr 14:11

does this mean that i have to get off the train in Duisburg and transfer to another train or does it just mean that it will just make a stop there and i dont have to switch train?

also, the ride is like 7 hours long, i saw in there's a overnight train but it cost me $200 to order from this site. i checked Bahn and it's only like $60 but the schedule only shown up 1 time, and now when i check it again, i dont see any overnight train schedules.

thanks for any help.

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 6y

To me that looks like you would have to switch trains. The 4b is likely the platform you arrive on, with the 13 indicating the platform you depart from. Plenty of time though to make the connection :)

There is an overnight train too which leaves at 19:01 from Amsterdam on the 9th or 10th. That has 0 changes along the way, but takes 9 and a half hours, getting you into Berlin at 4:20 in the morning... it does look like that is only 29 EUR though!! But I would also consider the one at 06:56 on the 10th, as it costs 49EUR and only takes 6 hours and 24 minutes. I used the NS Hispeed site to get the full list of trips and pricing. Seems to work pretty well :)

3. Posted by aoiii (Budding Member 13 posts) 6y

thanks man, my trips on march so im still too early to book some of my tickets. i like that overnight ride since i can just sleep in the train instead of wasting 6 hours of day light on the train :)

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