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Travelling to NEW YORK from London heathrow, need answers!

Travel Forums North America Travelling to NEW YORK from London heathrow, need answers!

1. Posted by KellyNY (Budding Member 4 posts) 6y

Hi All,
My Partner and I are travelling to NEW YORK for a 4 night break in Feb 2011. We are flying from Heathrow.
We have always wanted to visit the City to do some sight seeing and just have a nice break. We have never been to anywhere in America before.
Few worrying questions!:

1> I know you need to apply for the Visa Waiver ESTA before you go, which I did approx 3 weeks ago when we booked. Both got accepted and I have the reference numbers. The problem is, I have no criminal record, my partner has a drink driving conviction.... I ticked 'no' to the question for him as it asks if you have ever been arrested for a crime involving a controlled substance or moral turpertude, well alcohol doesn't fall under any of those things, so I wasn't going to answer yes to a question that doesn't apply! Was I right to do that as reading that it doesn't matter what the crime was and he should apply for a full visa??

2> I am readin horrer stories about the JFK airport!! Anyone ever flown there and what was it like? What sort of questions did they ask etc?

Sorry about the questions, I am sooooo frightened we will get there and not be allowed in.... We are just a couple looking for a city break, not to cause trouble.

Please help, any advice will be great!!!!!!!!!!


2. Posted by nilbo (Budding Member 14 posts) 6y

Hi Kelly,

You have nothign to worry about. I have a D&D conviction and ticked no to the box as well and had no problems. I'm sure driving offences are not counted.

In regards to JFK airport, they jssut ask really stupid silly questions, you'll be fine.

Nothing to worry about at all!

3. Posted by KellyNY (Budding Member 4 posts) 6y

Thank you for your reply! I hope it is all ok, just sooooo worried, but then I am a worrier anyway!! :)

4. Posted by magykal1 (Travel Guru 2026 posts) 6y

Don't know for certain about the visa question but I expect nilbo is right that you have no worries.

Regarding JFK, I've been through it a couple of times. It can be a bit time consuming but certainly nothing to be worried about. Only asked standard questions about reason for travel etc.