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3 months in Asia/Australia, do I have enough money?? HELLPP

Travel Forums Round the World Travel 3 months in Asia/Australia, do I have enough money?? HELLPP

1. Posted by Jules1992 (Budding Member 7 posts) 6y

My friend Lottie and I are leaving for Bangkok on the 2nd March 2011 and its suddenly hit me that I have no idea how much to budget for our 3 and a half month trip! I have just sold my car for £650 and have £500 in my savings (I'v already paid for alll my flights) so at the moment I have £1100 and hope to have about £2000 by the time we leave in March :)

So far I have paid for flights from London to Bangkok
Singapore to Melbourne
Melbourne to Cairns
and Sydney to London

We have also booked and paid for a campervan to drive ourselves from Cairns to Sydney in three and a half weeks which will be very helpful as we wont have to pay accomodation costs for most of our time in Australia! However, as we are making our way from Bangkok to Singapore and plan on going to laos, Vietnam ect inbetween I'm really worried that I wont have enough money! Can anyone help? Thanks :)

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2. Posted by dlovallo1 (Full Member 119 posts) 6y

I heard that Australia is expensive, and if you want to do quite a bit out it could cost a bit. but SE Asia is mean't to be real cheap. £2000 doesnt sound a lot though for 3 1/2 months but it could be done.

Btw how much did each of these flights cost you? I'm trying to weight up if its worth me getting a RTW ticket or book flights individually..

3. Posted by MatTarrant (Budding Member 14 posts) 6y

Australia itself isnt particularly expensive, and you could get away with staying here with that sort of money, just not sure you will get the most of the country.

Really depends on what you would like to do/where to go.

How long are you thinking of staying in Melbourne/Cairns/Sydney?

Did you want to go to any of the other states? (South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory?) - Im assuming on Tassie on your budget.

From the sounds of things, you have the camper van booked for about 4 weeks, so you will still need to pay for accommodation for at least a month?

More than happy to help out and will follow this thread to help as much as I can :). A bit more info on what you girls want to do here would be helpful :).

4. Posted by Jillaroo (Budding Member 22 posts) 6y

Currently in Australia and I had a similar budget have spent £1500 in about 3 weeks and thats on a budget however I have been paying for accomodation and transport.
If you want your budget to last you dont spend too long in the cities Sydney is London prices and so are the rest of the cities.
Having the Campervan and already paying for flights will save you heaps you can do it on your budget but youll be restricted by what you can do and the excursions etc aren't cheap.
Have fun

5. Posted by Jules1992 (Budding Member 7 posts) 6y

thankyou guys! Well we're looking into couch surfing at the moment so for the few weeks where we won;t have the campervan, we will be staying with other people!

We will be making stops on the way from Cairns to Sydney, mainly to do some diving/have a few nights out/meet the locals ect :) but because of our budget we wont be visiting anywhere other than Melbourne for a week, Cairns, a few places between Cairns and Sydney and Sydney obviously :)

Soooo... in conclusion! Hehee

I have roughly £1000 for food/diving/nights out, will this be okay?

6. Posted by Jules1992 (Budding Member 7 posts) 6y

Oh and my flights came to £886!

7. Posted by MatTarrant (Budding Member 14 posts) 6y

£1000 is going to be really pushing it I think,

You may almost want to consider working in a bar or something while your here to help out.

You could probably do it on 1k (Is about $1500 here) but you wont experience Australia as you would probably want to :).