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1. Posted by Leighxx (Budding Member, 33 posts) 29 Dec '10 12:25

Hey everyone, my name is leigh i am 22 female from yorkshire. I am planning on travelling to australlia around aug/sept 2011 time for around 4-6 months, thinking of starting in sydney but really arent 100% sure yet. I have no one to travel with so im looking for someone to head out to oz with, maybe spend sometime their together etc.... If any one is instested then please get in touch with me ;)

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3. Posted by petenico (Budding Member, 29 posts) 29 Dec '10 14:18

I am probably going to be in Oz by July time. If you happen to hit the Melbourne area at some point....feel free to say hello! I love meeting everyone on my travels. It's the best part!!!

Good luck planning!

4. Posted by orpheus (Budding Member, 52 posts) 29 Dec '10 14:25

hey leigh im going oz by myself aswell late august just after my 21st im a male from london. im flying up to cairns then making my way down coast to spend christmas and new years in sydney. have you got flught and visa yet or?


5. Posted by Leighxx (Budding Member, 33 posts) 30 Dec '10 07:53

Hi Jimmy. I havent got anything yet.. need to get clearance from my work in January and then i can decide where to start and get things booked etc.. i want to spend new year in sydney too! bondi beach sounds the best? have you got flights or visa yet?


6. Posted by dan 90 (Budding Member, 8 posts) 30 Dec '10 13:43

Hey leigh :)
My names dan, im 20 from swansea.
Im looking to set off in the summer. I havent really looked into much yet though.
What have you got planned so far?

7. Posted by Leighxx (Budding Member, 33 posts) 1 Jan '11 06:38

hi dan

i have sent you a message to your inbox.


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9. Posted by rackylou (Budding Member, 25 posts) 1 Jan '11 12:31

Hi my name is Rach and im 23 and also want to travel around that time. im in my final year at uni and hoping to travel after i graduate which is about the same time. im unsure about where to go, was thinking about travelling around the world but i definatly want to go to aus but dont want to go on my own! x

10. Posted by orpheus (Budding Member, 52 posts) 1 Jan '11 14:04

ive got my visa. havent sorted out flight tickets yet though i got quoted 659 for a single cairns for the 22nd of august i think im going to get that seems like the best deal im going to get?

whats your plans dan? have you got visa or flights etc yet?