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Travelling through South America February-May or June 2012

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Travelling through South America February-May or June 2012

1. Posted by Keisha (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y

Hello! I'm going to be travelling alone through South America next year. I've started planning really early because I have never been travelling before.

First of all, has anyone got any tips for me on a route, and places I should definitely stay at?
So far I've worked out that I want to start in Rio de Janerio (hopefully in time to see the carnival).

My plan isn't very detailed so far (I only decided on going 2 days ago) but:

Rio de Janerio-Angra dos Reis-Sao Paulo-Iguazu falls and national park-puerto iguazu-ascunion-san pedro-laguna blanca-bolivia-peru

I havn't worked out where I want to go in Bolivia and Peru yet, but I would like to do macchu picchu.

I want to only catch two flights, one to brazil and one out of peru, and do the rest by long haul coaches, is this possible?

Also, can somebody give me a rough idea of budget (preferably in english pounds). I will stay in hostels and get as many of my coaches as possible over night.
Anybody else planning a similar route around that time?


2. Posted by rackylou (Budding Member 27 posts) 6y

Hi i have sent you a private messege, Rach :)

3. Posted by Keisha (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y

Okay so I've done some research and :

Okay so I've done some research and:
2 weeks stay
2.5 hrs travel via bus to

5 day stay
5 1/2 hour bus travel to

4 day stay (unless there is something i need to see that takes longer?- I'm just thinking museums and parks)
2 hours bus travel to

5 day stay to see the falls for a few days and spend two days exploring foz?
5 hour bus travel (and I will stay in hostel bamba, thankyou for the tip!)

4 day stay
then fly to la paz (found a mega cheap price of $200!)

okay so this is where my traveling changes, after looking up the hostel loki hostels I think I might choose to work there for 5 weeks for free stay and food! only 4 days work a week so I can explore in my own time, and massively discounted excursions

5 weeks working in loki hostels
10-13 hours bus to (

work there for 4 weeks and end with the macchu picchu trek!

does this sound do-able and cost effective? Anyone have any reccomendations of things and places I need to visit?