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1. Posted by packerman (Budding Member 27 posts) 6y

looking about for flights to get to south america for 6 weeks. so far ive had no good,if anyone has previously done this whats the cheapest site/travel agent/company to book with. also cheapest destination in SA and best place to depart from will be greatly helpful

2. Posted by claudpack (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y

dial a flight tend to have pretty cheap flights if your just looking for a return, but it might be worth contacting STA or Trailfinders if you intend to fly around SA while you are there?

3. Posted by flyingbob (Inactive 842 posts) 6y

Which countries are you wanting to go to?
It's a big place.

4. Posted by Kikitravl (Budding Member 15 posts) 6y

Where are you flying from?

5. Posted by packerman (Budding Member 27 posts) 6y

we can fly from anywhere in the uk getting a train to the airport isnt a problem. hoping to visit peru, bolivia, brazil for definate and maybe a few more. we were going to get coaches about to different places as were going for 6 weeks