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1. Posted by lucyclaire (Budding Member 6 posts) 6y

Hello, I'm looking for some people to travel to Australia with in early April,I'm 23 yr old female from west yorkshire. I haven't booked my flights yet but I will hopefully be doing so within the next week.I found one flying out on 30th March that I may take...I'll be going alone as my friends over here are all settled and can't go. I am looking to go to Sydney initially and then travel up the east coast but I am flexible I just want to go and see oz and have a good time. Is there anyone else heading out around the same time?
Also does anyone know about this whole needing money in the bank before you book your flight?is it £3000 that you need?do they check that?

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2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4893 posts) 6y

Quoting lucyclaire

Also does anyone know about this whole needing money in the bank before you book your flight?is it £3000 that you need?do they check that?

You need to have "access to sufficient funds", which is generally regarded as AUD $5000 (which is about £3200), to be eligible for a working holiday visa. No one on this site has ever reported this being checked, but it's of course still theoretically possible that you'll hit an immigration official who will check.

In general this amount of money is there for your own protection, as experience tells that most backpackers need at least this much money, even when working to top up funds. (And for every tale of someone going there with significantly less money and thriving, there's three of people having to return home early because their money has run out.)

3. Posted by sbianchi (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y

I'm flying to Melbourne on Wednesday (12 Jan) and then traveling round the coast anti-clockwise. I don't have much of a plan, in terms of timescales will just stay in one place as long as it interests me and then move on. I might be around Sydney around this time.

I am 26, also travelin alone for pretty much the same reasons as you. Wanna add me on facebook?


4. Posted by lucyclaire (Budding Member 6 posts) 6y

Hi Suzanne yeah i'll send you a message

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5. Posted by pablo79 (Budding Member 34 posts) 6y

Hey i am heading out in the middle of april. Flying in to Sydney and heading up the east coast to cairns. Gonna take a couple of months doing that and then fly back to Sydney and spend the remainder of my time there working..hopefullly! Not really planned anything other than to get to Sydney in April.


6. Posted by shorty100 (Full Member 144 posts) 6y


I leaving for Thailand on the 23rd April, then fly to Sydney arriving on the 7th May 2011. Plan is to either try get a job in Sydney or travel up the east coast to Cairns and maybe find a job on the way.

I'm 23 and just looking to go away, see Austraila (and the world) as much as possible, have fun and meet great people.

Anyone heading out around the same time let me know :)


7. Posted by lauren2125 (Budding Member 9 posts) 6y


I'm heading to Sydney from mid march and am staying there for a year but planning on taking lots of trips up the coast etc.

I'm 22 and from London and I'm travelling alone but i will be working as a nanny in north sydney. I would love to meet up with people my age when i get there for a drink etc - i'm really excited but obviously a bit nervous so it would be great to get to know some people doing the same thing as me :)

i'd love to hear from you XXX

8. Posted by Robert m (Budding Member 7 posts) 6y

Hi, There

Ahhh I am not the only one going to Oz on there own,
I'm going on 3rd April into Sydney,
Ummm no plans as such just go with my working visa and on from there,

Soooooooo nervous tho
even that I have asked all my mates who have done the Oz thing for tips,
how to do this, how to do that etc.... But I see others on here are doing the same as me,
going with not much of a plan till they get there,

my last chance being 31 so I'll be making the most of it,
good luck to all else

thanks rob,

9. Posted by lucyclaire (Budding Member 6 posts) 6y

I know it's good to see people are heading out on their own and I'm not the only crazy fool!! Lauren are you going to be a live in nanny?
Where are you flying from Rob?I'm planning on sorting my flight for around 1-5th April

10. Posted by Robert m (Budding Member 7 posts) 6y

Hi Luce,

Yeah I fly from Heathrow on the April 3rd, Qantas pricey I know,
I hate flying (22hrs hahah) so I got one that just re-fuels at Singapore,
Get there as soon as possible :)

Its is nice to know your not the only one going to Oz on when on here,
when you get there it will be the best my mates who have been said,