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Bag size for Austraila

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Bag size for Austraila

1. Posted by shorty100 (Full Member 144 posts) 6y


Anyone know what kind or size of bag would be best for taking with me? I'm going to Thailand for about 2 weeks then over to Sydney, then traveling for I don't know how long.

I was looking at a 75 litre rucksack/ roller bag with a seperate day sack. Is this what everyone is taking these days?

Thanks, Claire

2. Posted by bradderss (Budding Member 22 posts) 6y

haha claire, i was about to ask the very same thing, or if there are any recommendations?? I am off for a 60 i reckon? i want to pack light.

3. Posted by shorty100 (Full Member 144 posts) 6y

Haha! :) One of my friends went last year and her's was 65 litre. She had no bother with hers until returning home to the UK after a shopping trip in the US. She was away for a year so i'm thinking 75 will be fine for me. I'd rather have too much than too little, but i know my weight allowance is 23k...