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1. Posted by pregster (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y

i have a very colourful past as convictions go,in 2001 i was imprisoned for a section 20 gbh,have i any chance of getting a visa for a holiday in oz

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 6y

Most of us won't have a clue what a "section 20 gdh" is... in any case, typically you will still get your visa, even if you have a criminal record. It goes into the 'manual processing' pile though and could very well take several months to get processed (along with all the necessary extra paperwork you have to send in). I do imagine there is some boundary to what kind of record you can have and still get your visa, but I personally haven't come across it yet (one of the companies I work with processes about 500 -750 wh visas for Australia every year).

3. Posted by pregster (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y

thank you for that,a sec 20 is grevious bodily harm,i want to be honest and upfront with them as i would not like to get into oz only to be put on the next plane back

4. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 6y

You wouldn't actually be allowed on the plane if they don't grant your working holiday visa (although you can get a tourist one with no questions asked I'm pretty sure!).

5. Posted by pregster (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y

thats what im after,just a visa to go for a holiday

6. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 6y

Oh, sorry, I automatically assumed a working holiday visa! In that case, assuming you are from one of the countries that falls under Australia's ETA agreement, you can just get a visa with your ticket. Ask the travel agent and it will be sorted out pretty much instantly. All they need is your name and passport number, so your criminal record shouldn't matter.

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8. Posted by mojorob (Moderator 1047 posts) 6y

You don't mention what your nationality is - the normal choice of a tourist visa is eVisitor (for many Europeans including UK) and ETA (non-Europeans, plus Europeans applying through a travel agent) for those from a lot of countries who are eligible. People from non-eligible countries would have to apply for a Tourist Visa.

However, if you are from one of the eligible countries you still may not meet criteria due to criminal record - check here for eVisitor page on this, and here for ETA page on this. This would mean you need to apply for a Tourist Visa and see if DIAC grant you one. If you have concerns about your past, it's probably best to apply for the Tourist Visa.

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9. Posted by pregster (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y

thanks for that,and im a british national born and living in the uk

10. Posted by pregster (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y

it looks like im going to have to apply for a tourist visa,is it very likely to be caught out if i applied for a eta or e visitor and did,nt confess to having a criminal record,is it likely they would check and find out