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Costa Rica in 2 weeks

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1. Posted by Nyssa (Budding Member 31 posts) 6y


My boyfriend (26) and myself (23) are planning a trip to Costa Rica this may, for about two weeks. These are the things we are looking into doing. White water rafting day on Pacuare River, Arenal Volcano, Tortuguerro, some beach time perhaps at Montezuma or Samara, a zipline canopy tour, and some trecks to view waterfalls/wildlife, ect. oh and probably monteverde

I haven't fully formed the itinerary yet as to what is most important to me. My questions are, however, if this is a little too much for two weeks? I realize we will be going at the start of the rainy season, but this is when we can go and Ive heard some good things about going at this time. If you've been to costa rica, Im very interesting in hearing about the highlights of your trips. What are some must see things im at this point not including? We will be traveling on a budget, staying in hostels and traveling by bus for the most part. what would be a recommended amount of money to take?

Does anyone have good hostel recommendations?

also, what is San Jose like? ive heard some pretty negative things, and even that it should be avoided. is it really this bad?

And my boyfriend likes to party quiet a bit, so where are the best places for great nightlife?

What is the best zipling canopy tour, and where is it. this i hvent found so much information on.

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated :)



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3. Posted by StefanBol (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y


I went there for 4 weeks and travelled around. I see you want to do a lot in two weeks. If you have your own car it is possible, because the roads are normally not that bad.

So, if you want to do a lot, rent a car!


4. Posted by worldtreck (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y

Hello Nyssa

We teemed up with a group of Swedish students here in Costa Rica a few weeks ago in Montezuma, we had a great time, great people, we first met in December in San Jose they stayed at the same guesthouse hostel Casa Girasol, we had lots of activities for a few days, festivals, fireworks and horse parade in Sabana park just outside the guesthouse and felt very safe around San Jose.

The owner did parts of our itinerary and we should have listened, he did not recommend to go on the Caribbeans because of rain but we went anyways and ended up 4 days indoor because of rain, so headed to Fortuna Arenal Volcano and it was the same thing until we headed on the pacific coast.
We did Mal Pais for some surf time and relax, your boyfriend will like it, some partying and cool people. We went to Montezuma a few days when we tumbled on the Swedish group again and tagged along.

We shared the expense of a mini van with driver and went north around the peninsula up to Playa del Coco Playa Hermosa we stayed at the Cabinas, Playa Panama, had great pizza in Liberia, the had driver recommended the restaurant was owned by some Italians I think. Back to San Jose, on our way, the driver recalled that off the main road there was some waterfalls we could swim, so voted to see it, it was heaven and ended up sleeping around Canas.

In the morning around 10 we arrived in Alajuela and the Swedish wanted to stop at a type of zoo they were recommended Zoo Ave so we spent 3 hours, really nice setting it was some sort of bird sanctuary, I really recommend it. When we got close to the airport, the driver recommended to stay in San Jose as Alajuela had a lack of activities so we asked if he knew the road to Casa Girasol in Sabana, not really, but we did have luck to spend a few more days.

They organized rafting trip on Pacuares "highlight of trip"!!! and Poas and Waterfalls for our last days.

We have two more days before our almost month trip end in Costa Rica I must say this country culture, scenery and its people are number one

5. Posted by david.B (Budding Member 32 posts) 6y

Quoting StefanBol


I went there for 4 weeks and travelled around. I see you want to do a lot in two weeks. If you have your own car it is possible, because the roads are normally not that bad.

So, if you want to do a lot, rent a car!


I completely agree with 'StefanBol'. A rental car will give you the flexibility to travel around various spots in a much shorter span. But for certain areas car rental is not preferable due to bad condition of roads. So be careful. There are plenty of car rental companies in Costa Rica. You may look into the services and facilities provided by reputed companies like Pointcarhire and Alamo if looking for nominally priced car hire.

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