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1. Posted by louiscoxx (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

i am in my final year of college and this will be the summer before i go to university, me and a few of my friends want to go island hopping in greece for around 2 - 3 weeks.

unfortunately it will have to be in peak season which has made me apprehensive.

we want to visit mainly the party islands and a few less rowdy ones but still full of young people on a relatively low budget. which would you recommend??

we will have sleeping bags and a lightweight tent but i need some tips! this is the most adventurous my backpacking experiences have gone!

what is a realistic daily budget? bearing in mind the cost of going out at night, eating quite little, and accommodation.

as for accommodation, i am really against booking anything in advance as plans will inevitably change and i would prefer the freedom of going on a whim, is this too risky for peak season??? i am open to sleeping rough on a beach.

thanks for any help you can give me!! :)

2. Posted by fiona90xxx (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hi, I went island hopping last summer and had an amazing time!

I started off in athens pireas, staying there a night, and then organised a ferry to Paros, which was touristy, had good night life but wasn't as party central as some of the others. Hiring quads is an amazing way to see the islands aswell! It had some really nice beaches. We then got a ferry to ios, which is party central! People are up for all hours. I had the time of my life there! There is a really cheap place to stay in a camp site called Far Out , which is just by the beach. However, the hostels in the centre are a reasonable price, so we didn't have many issues with that. Far out is called that for a reason, and could prove difficult stumbling back to when u need to sleep (if at all!). Then we went on to Naxos, which was far more subdued and really pretty! Lovely cocktails and very cheap food! Although I'd say that was a more family orientated island. We stayed one more night in piraeus before the flight home, as we didn't want to miss our ferry (We met some people who didn't do this, missed their ferry and their flight - to NYC ! ouch!). So I would advise you do this!

I wouldn't worry about accomodation, when you get off the ferry be prepared to be bombarded by Greeks flaunting their hostels to you. Haggle haggle haggle! So that is pretty relaxed.

However we got caught on ferry prices, as we left it a bit too late and then ended up paying for expensive journeys rather than the coach travel. You can book them online, but I would book it in advance if I was to do it again. Although this may restrict your freedom to act on a whim but can significantly reduce the amount you spend overall.

I would say I spent about 50 euro a day, incl eating out a lot, bakeries for brek, sandwich for lunch and out for dinner. In Ios we drank before we went out to save a few pennies because it is an expensive Island. However being a girl had its advantages, it is ladies night EVERYWHERE in Ios, because the ratio of men to women is like 5:1 !

I hope you have a good of a time as I did, some people travelled to a few more islands than we did, but it just depends how much u want to travel, we lost tanning time on ferries lol. Any more questions, feel free! xxx

3. Posted by luluandstone (Budding Member 21 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

I did the same thing last summer and had the best time!

Like Fiona, we started off in Pireus and organised our ferry there. We also stayed a night - very cheap accommodation and then left the next day.

We headed to Mykonos first which is party party party! We stayed at Paradise Beach, you can camp there in a tent which is very cheap, or pay for a room. If your going it cheap just camp, if its too hot in the tent you can always sleep on the beach once security has gone!
There is always a party in Mykonos - beach party every night and then there are two massive clubs in walking distance - one is at the campsite and the other is a 5-10 minute walk. Buth clubs are massive outdoor areas with swimming pools in the middle (not allowed to swim but come 6am everyone does!). They have really big acts at both clubs and DJs dont start till around 2am, so plenty of time to sleep during the day!!!

We then headed to Santorini which is much more relaxed. Still great bars in town though. As Fiona also said, definately hire quad bikes. Great way to see the beaches no one else goes to! In Santorini get a quad bike and drive to Oia to see the sunset. Go early and take a picnic and some beer (you can buy beer up there as well) so you get a good seat before everyone arrives!

We also went to Ios which again is party party! There are Soooo many clubs and bars, all with promoters out the front offering you drink deals to get you into their bar. You can spend the whole night going from bar to bar getting these deals and it works out pretty cheap! Go to Slammer bar while your there - an experience like no other!!!
We stayed in the town of Ios and could walk to the bars. Far Out Camping is very cheap but a long walk into town.

We didnt book anything before we got there and just used the internet cafes to book ferrys and accommodation when we decided we wanted to move to another island, it was peak time and we still got rooms everywhere! Best way to do it!

I agree that you could get away with 50euro a day, and you can save money by staying in places with a kitchen and cooking pasta for dinner!

You will have an awesome time!! :):)