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Hello!!! friends, I am new here, Please meet me.

Travel Forums Introductions Hello!!! friends, I am new here, Please meet me.

1. Posted by RickBayles (Inactive 1 posts) 6y

Hello friends, greetings,

I am a new friend of yours, my name is Rick Bayless. I am feeling very excited here, I am new here. I was searching for a forum related to travelling guidance and my attraction caught here. There are many more exciting topics discussed here, I want to take part in them. I hope I can enjoy my stay here. I think all members will cooperate with me.

Thanks for allowing me to stay.

- Rick Bayless.

2. Posted by halovina (Budding Member 3 posts) 6y

I am Davina, I am also new here, just joining up, hope to meet new friends who share same traveling hobby, maybe someday we can meet up and travel together
If anybody is interested in communicating with me, please send me message and lets become friends.
thank you

3. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3744 posts) 6y

Welcome to Travellerspoint - hope to see you around.

4. Posted by arif_kool (Travel Guru 1757 posts) 6y

Hello and welcome to TP:)

5. Posted by krizea (Inactive 10 posts) 6y, hello! Me too, Rick, I'm quite new around here. As I'm preparing for my lone journey 4-5 months from now, I find TP really interesting. I know you'll enjoy sticking around TP, lots of interesting people around here.
Maybe I can find a travel buddy myself here too.

See ya 'round.

6. Posted by ross1 uk (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y

hello there, my name is Ross 23 and from the uk

I would love to make some great freinds on the journey ahead !!! :)

the only problem is i am worried to do it alone, so if anyone is in the same boat please add me as a freind and lets start planning.

i would love to travel and work in australia, getting work should not be a problem for myself as i am a rope access technician and i have freinds who have been out and got work straight away. NOW its my time.

would be great if any of you guys out there would get in touch

best regards