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1. Posted by YesEulen (Budding Member 6 posts) 6y

Has anyone been before? I'm considering a trip there and want to know which places people recommend seeing (Shanghai? Beijing? Tai Pei? Chengdu?! It's such a big country..) and what time of year is best to go. Any information at all is welcome. Thanks!

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3. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3742 posts) 6y

Shanghai is worth 2-3 days and Hangzhou is a nice place to go for a day or 2 from Shanghai - it's nice to hire bikes and cycle round the lake.

4. Posted by david.B (Budding Member 32 posts) 6y

Shanghai is a wonderful spot in China with loads of attractions. It also offers unique shopping opportunities to travelers. You must visit the famous shopping streets Huaihai Road and Nanjing Road while in Shanghai.

5. Posted by madpoet (Respected Member 413 posts) 6y

What are your interests? History, culture, modern China, natural wonders?

Spring and Fall are the best times to travel in most parts of China, to avoid the boiling hot summers and frigid winters. Beijing in January or July is equally unbearable. Shanghai in the summer is a furnace.

Actually, right now is the worst time to travel around China, since it is Spring Festival, and getting a train, bus or even plane ticket anywhere in China is virtually impossible. Wait until at least March.

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8. Posted by Axle Cheung (Budding Member 9 posts) 6y

Shanghai and Chengdu is intresting places, u can find nice and cheaper food there, Beijing is a big but stupid city;) tai pei I never been.

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10. Posted by YesEulen (Budding Member 6 posts) 6y

Thanks for the recommendations! (Feel free to keep posting, the more info the better for everybody!)