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1. Posted by mcgoku (Full Member 18 posts) 12y


I have been looking for apartments to rent in and around Sydney.
Most of the Webpages have the price listed but fail to state if it is for a month or a week. I have seen some rooms listed for 300-400 a week
(mostly on Craigslist). Is this a common way to rent in Sydney? I was thinking of finding an apartment either in Glebe or Darlinghurst. Does anybody know how much an average apartment costs a month?

One week to go!!!!
See ya in Sydney Jan 27th


2. Posted by vicki80 (Full Member 42 posts) 12y

This is also something I am interested in - I have seem some adverts that state $150 but not how long this pays for (night, week etc) so any help welcome!


Matt we beat you - my friend and I are off this evening! Arrive in Sydney Jan 21st

3. Posted by mcgoku (Full Member 18 posts) 12y


We should meet up for a drink. I will be staying at Footprints westend
jan 27 and 28th. After that who knows!?!

Have Fun Matt

4. Posted by tresham (Full Member 67 posts) 12y

wish I could husband is dept. Syd as I type heading home having spent 10 days visiting his ill dad in Wollongong. We stayed at a serviced apartment on Milsons Pt...with a ferry right out side our front door, and a bus to North Sydney train station just a quick walk up the hill. Had a great view of Luna Park, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge...the name escapes me...but it was more than $550 p/w 5 years ago.....