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First time to travel alone

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1. Posted by krizea (Inactive 10 posts) 6y

Hello everyone..
After 4 months I will have a 1 month leave and I want to travel alone. Visiting Nepal-have a view of the stunning view of Himalayas and Annapurna and visiting Cappodocia are just 2 of my choices. I am a hugely nature lover.
I supposed there are lots here who already travelled by themselves so I would like to ask some other suggestions on other places to visit and what basically first time lone traveller must consider.
Appreciate your replies.

Thanks a lot.

Aireen Krizea C.

2. Posted by david.B (Budding Member 32 posts) 6y

If you are the person that can easily mix with strangers and form good bonds with other people then as a solo traveler you will not face any trouble. During your travel you can choose to stay in hostels. In hostels you can find many fellow solo travelers and you can share your worries with them, and can also learn from their experiences. Else you can join a tour group.

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4. Posted by krizea (Inactive 10 posts) 6y

Thanks for this insight. I have started looking for hostels and different tour groups. For sure I love to meet strangers and learn from their experiences.
Can't wait! Four months more.

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