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Anyone want to disappear from routine work to see the world?

Travel Forums Travel Companions Anyone want to disappear from routine work to see the world?


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11. Posted by Suzi_00 (Budding Member 43 posts) 6y

Hey Jo,

I will be still out there early next year probably in OZ so if you're around there maybe we can meet up :)

It was scary at first, but I enjoyed the freedom of it, it was lovely to get on the plane just me and my backpack. There were times when I missed having someone to share it with though, which is why I want to go with someone this time. I met lots of people in the hostels though.


12. Posted by cindyckx (Budding Member 18 posts) 6y

Hi Suzi,

I'm planning for World Youth Day event in Madrid this coming August, and prior to it, dropping by Gibraltar for Youth Arise International Event. I'd love to travel somewhere either in UK or Europe for about 1 1/2 weeks before heading back to Malaysia by the 1st week of September. At the moment I don't have companion yet. A few of them are planning on Europe trip but they are staying longer over in Europe, while the rest will be returning to Malaysia straight.

Let me know what you think please :)

Hehe. I'm on strict budget. But I'm pretty clueless about traveling in UK/Europe.


13. Posted by hotdogfox (Budding Member 37 posts) 6y

Hi Suzi

Glad to hear someone else leaving there job for an adventure!! I have already booked my one way tickets to Thailand in September, travelling around there then through to Malaysia before Flying to Australia in November. Not made any other plans yet and at the moment going solo but would be open to the idea of travelling with others :)


14. Posted by Starline (Budding Member 8 posts) 6y

Let us go to Italy! :)

15. Posted by Suzi_00 (Budding Member 43 posts) 6y


Cindy - I'm going to work in Tenerife for a while in April, so not sure of my plans after that now. I still want to see other parts of Europe and make it to OZ.

Tom - I will probably be in Australia around the same time as you, was hoping to stay there for quite a while, and def be there for Christmas and New Year, if we are around the same area maybe we could meet up. I know OZ is massive. Be nice to be around people esp around Christmas etc.

Starline - Italy sounds kl definitely on my to see list, when were you thinking though?


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17. Posted by RMS8 (Budding Member 7 posts) 6y

Teaching English is always a great way to stay away from home!
thats what im doin at the mo.

18. Posted by selina_m_h (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y

Hi Suzi,

I know how you feel :-) I spent 4 months travelling the Far East, Australia and NZ in 2010. I returned last weekend having spent 6 weeks travelling in South America, had the most amazing time - now I am off again in March to see Central America :-D

We have the rest of our lives to work hey?? so Enjoy it! :-)

19. Posted by SirRogue58 (Full Member 8 posts) 6y

I wish I was younger:(

Hope you all have a great and safe time:)

20. Posted by tfedor (Inactive 9 posts) 6y

Hey Suzi,

Will be heading out in June for most of your Central Europe tour. Will let you know how great it was....

But where ever you go... have fun, enjoy yourself, and make memories.....