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11. Posted by Alfie2887 (Budding Member 4 posts) 6y

Quoting skippy3587


Im going to travel Australia September 2011 for about 9 months. I am currently travelling on my own but am scared going alone! I am thinking of flying to Cairnes! I definately want to spend xmas and new year in Sydney and want to work my way up or down the East coast! I am always up for a laugh and love a good party but also spending time chilling out. If anyone else is travelling alone and in the same boat as me and want someone to travel with, i would love to hear from you!!!


My names Alfie am 23 from Scotland am in the same boat a want to travelling have you planned anything out yet?

Alfie x

Lisa x

12. Posted by skippy3587 (Budding Member 25 posts) 6y

Hey Alfie

All the plans i have is to spend xmas and new year in Sydney and work my way up the East Coast. I have a WHV so i am going to be working whilst im out there. Other than that i will go with the flow. I am hoping to leave within the first week of September, and i cant wait. Do you have any plans?

Lisa x

13. Posted by Suzyb (Inactive 63 posts) 6y

well im gona travel up the east coast after new years and finish in cairns, i cant really plan anything else, i guess i just have to wait and see what happens, it is abit scary leaving work and everything out here and going out there alone, i better find some work!!

im just hoping to find some fruit picking work up in the north, maybe just get that out of the way after my travelling then i dont know where i'll end up either Melbourne or sydney!!!!

14. Posted by chris840 (Budding Member 17 posts) 6y

hey lisa,

My names chris im from sunny southend lol im 23 and gana be traveling alone think about doing the hole australia thing ive been told that all the places i wana visit will prob be scraped from meeting people there. im so nervous about doing it on my own but reading up on a couple of forums i see quite a lot of people doing it and think that im worrying for nothing lol im going to book the tickets soon and also going to cairns and working my way round to perth and also one thing ive always wanted to do is stay in sydney for christmas and newyears so if your out there the same time would be good to hook up as both in the same boat lol

15. Posted by chris840 (Budding Member 17 posts) 6y

i forgot to say im going in oct and also getting a WHV for a year!!!!

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16. Posted by skippy3587 (Budding Member 25 posts) 6y

Hey Chris

Your plans sound basically the same as mine! Im going to fly to Cairns with the first week of September, then go on from there! I havent made any plans as i know they will most likely change when i get there. I am worried about going alone, but also so excited now coz iv got talking to people who are doing the same thing! I cant wait to get out there. I have got my Visa sorted, am going to book into Wake up Hostel in Sydney for Xmas and New year in next few days as everywhere in Sydney will get booked really quickly, then book my flights maybe next month!
Will be great to meet up over there, find me on Facebook if you want to chat more (if your on there that is)
Lisa x

17. Posted by J0sephine (Budding Member 70 posts) 6y

I'm hoping to go in november on a WHV. I am 30 but def dont look or act like it (lol!) it would be really nice to meet some people before going to hook up with whilst there as it slightly daunting!

I live in Gloucestershire, haven't booked any flights or anything yet.


18. Posted by skippy3587 (Budding Member 25 posts) 6y

Hi Jo

Im flying out to Cairnes in September. Am going alone and i am a bit freaked out about it, but i can not wait to get out there. Be good to get to know a few people first, so im glad you messaged me! I havent booked my flights yet, but will be within the next month! I have my visa sorted, and am booking my hotel in Sydney for Xmas and New Year this week! I am soooooo excited!

I live in Norfolk. Where are you flying to? What are your plans when you get there?

Lisa x

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