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Cost of living as a backpacker in Argentina/Chile/Bolivia

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Cost of living as a backpacker in Argentina/Chile/Bolivia

1. Posted by Carys_Lapwood (First Time Poster, 1 posts) 1 Mar '11 13:39

Hi all,

I'm heading to South America in April and will be backpacking around Argentina, Chile and Bolivia for 6 weeks from the start of May until mid-June.
I'd really appreciate ANY information on the cost of backpacking in these countries from more seasoned travellers, plus any hints or tips for a first-timer! I'm specifially interested in cost of day to day living as a backpacker, including cost of hostels (info on dorms or private rooms are both appreciated), cost of groceries and eating out, and drinks in bars/going out, plus any other information you think is useful.

Thank you so much - any advice you can give would be hugely appreciated!

2. Posted by Atacames08 (Budding Member, 14 posts) 1 Mar '11 14:05


I've been doing lots of research on this for an upcoming trip. I've learnt that Chile is really expensive, Argentina a close 2nd ( inflation very high) and Bolivia quite cheap. I would probably budget Chile $100+ , Argenina $70 and Bolivia $40 per day. HostelWorld is a great site for checking accomodation costs.

Have a great trip


3. Posted by dbloom (Travel Guru, 586 posts) 5 Mar '11 18:37

Bolivia is very cheap, the 'standard of living' much higher in Argentina and Chile but no backpacker or budget traveler need spend $70 to 100 a day there, if frugal and you avoid restaurants, purchase food in markets, prepare in your lodging place, eat out once or twice a week, if you drink, learn to limit your alcohol intake and your money will go fa a free e book for travellers to download freely from internet.