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Oz Trip in May 2011

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1. Posted by ShEpS (Budding Member 37 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hi Everyone,

So me and my mate are all booked for our Oz trip and have secured our WHV's ready for when we arrive on May 10th :) Going to be arriving in Perth as our first stop and will be spending 3 weeks staying with a family friend. After that we plan to head north for the winter season to make the most of the hotter weather. We have looked into heading up to Broome to do some work and were wondering what places would be good to stop off and visit on the way so we can take in as much of WA as possible, also what method of transport will be best to make it up to Broome?

This is the first stage of our Oz trip and later in the year we will be looking to take on the East coast and eventually land in Sydney which is where we will fly home from.

At the moment some general questions would be what places would people suggest visiting in WA? How difficult or easy will it be to find work? In terms of accomodation would there be places to rent on a temporary basis...hostels are fine and are great for meeting new people too but I figure if we're working and want some space that this wont always be the best option. Any suggestions?

Still have loads of planning left to do, and need to sort a bank account and Tax number too but I suppose it's all part of the fun :)

Thanks in advance

2. Posted by timtravels (Respected Member 350 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

I highly recommend the south coast of WA, travelling from Perth to Esperance but as you're arriving in May it might be a bit cold to enjoy. North of Perth I'd recommend dropping in at
- The Pinnacles: limestone pillars in the desert
- Kalbarri NP: Great coastal gorge
- Francois Peron NP: Coastal scenery, white sand
- Coral Bay, Ningaloo, Exmouth: Snorkelling on the ningaloo reef
- Karijini NP: Awesome gorges and hiking
- Eighty mile beach: white sand for as far as you can see

Around Broome I'd recommend:
- The prison boab between Broome and Derby
- Windjana Gorge
- Tunnel Creek
- The Bungle Bungles

I've probably got pics of some of these in my gallery.

Not sure what transport would be best, ideally I'd say hiring or buying your own camper/4x4 because that way you can set your own pace and you could share the cost between the two of you. Finding accomodation around Broome might be difficult as well, usually the mining companies hire any long term accomodation they can for their employees which drives the cost up big time.

Good luck planning, sounds like an awesome trip.


3. Posted by ShEpS (Budding Member 37 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the reply Tim, some great advice and suggestions on places to visit. After doing some more reading I would definitly be interested in visiting the places you suggested. As well as this I would like to maybe take a trip down to the margaret river area and get involved in some wine tasting too :) Whilst in Perth we will be staying with a family friend who's wife is going to allow me to drive her car but as she will also need it, it will be mainly used for commuting locallly and to and from the city centre.

Hiring/buying some kind of vehicle for the trip would be ideal, however due to budget and that I am the only driver out of the 2 of us travelling I feel this may work out expensive and be very tiring due to how big the place is! On the otherhand I would love the freedom that a car/jeep would offer as with previous trips to USA renting a car was a great experience! Realistically how much would it cost and would you have any suggestions for places to look to buy? Also how easy would it be to obtain insurance etc, fuel prices and selling the car on? I need to research more into this!

I cant wait now as it is going to be epic trip. When travelling the east coast afterwards would a car be the best method of travel too? There's just too much to consider lol!!!

Thanks again,


4. Posted by timtravels (Respected Member 350 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

For prices on buying cars/vans you can check out carsales and gumtree although I'm not sure on how registration and insurance rules work in WA. Once you know what to do, arranging insurance is fairly easy and you can do most of it online. Fuel is always expensive and the further you get away from major towns the more expensive it gets, as a cheap vehicle capable of stashing lots of gear in you could try a Ford Falcon station wagon, 4x4 vehicles are more expensive.

There are heaps more towns on the east coast and more tours run so having a car/van isn't as appealing, you could get a greyhoud bus pass or something similar. But again, I always prefer to have my own wheels ;)


5. Posted by ShEpS (Budding Member 37 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Thanks again Tim. From looking into the car side of things it seems there are several things to consider such as vehicle registration duty, tax and 3rd party insurance also. I still need to do some more reading on this but looking at distances between places a planned route would need to be worked out with several stop offs... as being the only driver could be very strenuous due to the large distance to be covered!

I have looked into the tours that are offered in WA and came across a 10 day Perth to Broome trip which covers stop overs in Karijini and Ningaloo Reef etc so figured this may also be an option. LINK

For A$1445 each this would include our food, accomodation etc so would this potentially be a more cost effective option? Or then again would roughly A$3000 between me and my friend be enough money to purchase a car and cover expenses in fuel etc to travel up to Broome? (Sorry for all the questions, just trying to look at all possiblities and really appreciate the help so far :))


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