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is it safe to travel to dubai at the moment

Travel Forums Africa and The Middle East is it safe to travel to dubai at the moment

1. Posted by navensr (Budding Member, 55 posts) 15 Mar '11 01:02

hi im leaving on the 24th of may to fly to bangkok and im stopping in dubai for a few hours,iv just seen on the news that saudi arabia is getting involved with the whole libiya thing which is right next to dubai any advise please

2. Posted by tomlajones (Budding Member, 13 posts) 15 Mar '11 03:48

Lets hope so - I'm spending two nights there on my way to Sydney in June!

3. Posted by Kimmy22 (Budding Member, 41 posts) 15 Mar '11 04:46

we've got 2 nights booked there 9th May! I'm not sure we will be doing much now, just staying in the hotel!

4. Posted by Suzyb (Inactive, 63 posts) 15 Mar '11 05:16

Dubai is very safe, I have friends that live over there so do not worry!! It's a great place to visit!!

5. Posted by navensr (Budding Member, 55 posts) 16 Mar '11 05:59

lol i hope so to! just keep watching the news and c what happens!sorry if iv worried anyone!

6. Posted by eroltoksoy (Full Member, 173 posts) 1 Apr '11 06:55

Dont worry spending time in dubai only threatens your gusto.

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