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Cairns October 2011 trip down the East coast

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Cairns October 2011 trip down the East coast


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1. Posted by charlie33 (Budding Member 20 posts) 5y

Is anyone planing the same thing? Also how are you doing it?

Hoping to fly to Cairns beginning of October and then make my way down to Melbourne over the next few months. Maybe doing some fruit picking on the way.

Anyone else doing the same give me a shout.

Also anyone thinking of doing the My Oz Experience?

Charlotte x

2. Posted by Katie1424 (Budding Member 69 posts) 5y

Hey Charlotte,

I'm thinking of doing the same although wanna leave sept and poss do Thailand on the way!! Thinking maybe starting in cairns and travelling down with Sydney for Xmas and new year, other than that no real plans with nothing yet booked!!! Also planning on the fruitpicking so I can get another year ;-)

Have you booked anything yet?? xx

3. Posted by hosks79 (Budding Member 27 posts) 5y

Hey Charlie,

I hope you're well.

I land in cairns on November 29th and will be travelling down the east coast to Sydney where I check into the Wake Up hostel for xmas and then spending NY at the YHA the rocks. Then gonna head down to Melbourne before flying onto Bali.

I haven;t really got any concrete apart from the xmas and NY plans so am very relaxed on what's done.

How long you gonna take traveling down the coast? Would we cross over at all?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


4. Posted by charlie33 (Budding Member 20 posts) 5y

Katie - I would love to do Thailand :) Ive spoken with the My Oz team and they suggest travelling down the coast at that time due to the climate. Will be arriving in Cairns October the first/second. Havnt booked anything yet as debating about doing My Oz Experience. Are you doing to do that? Yeah I would love to be in Sydney for xmas but have family in Perth, so was thinking of flying over for xmas. Are you going by yourself? Be good if we could meet in Cairns if we end up at the same time.

Craig - Yeah we might do but because I start in Cairns in October I might be further down the coast, but you never know we might be in the same area at the same time.

Charlotte xx

5. Posted by Katie1424 (Budding Member 69 posts) 5y

Hey Charlotte,

Haven't really looked into anything like that at the moment as I haven't really got a computer at the moment as my laptop is broke so only my iPhone!! When I go home next think I'm gonna try look at stuff so no haven't checked out anything, to be honest though was just gonna Start in cairns and then work my way down, have a friend who's there at the moment and he went alone and says it's the best way!!!

Yep I'm going alone as are so many here so hoping to at least maybe have a few friendly faces that I could poss meet up with!! I also have a friend in Brisbane who I wanna try go and see!!
Have you looked into flights etc?? Yep defo up for meeting up so let me know xx

6. Posted by charlie33 (Budding Member 20 posts) 5y

Cool, well I was only thinking of getting the bus pass because its flexible but there's always someone available to speak to and they include activities. I just don't fancy flying out there not knowing anyone at all, guess it seems like a good option because I can meet them to start with but I don't know what to do lol.
There is flights with British Airways on the 30th of September to Cairns so probably going to go with that one. U?


7. Posted by Katie1424 (Budding Member 69 posts) 5y

Yeah know what you mean, only thing is them sort of things can be quite expensive!! My friend said you just end up meeting people in hostels, also people are always advertising lifts in hostels and also gumtree so it's a cheaper option!!!

I've not really looked at flights yet gonna try an speak to sta as I wouldn't mind stopping off in thailand!! Have you saved up much?? xx

8. Posted by charlie33 (Budding Member 20 posts) 5y

Yeah thats true.

Not yet should have a couple grand before I go. U?

Any ideas where you will stay in Cains? xx

9. Posted by Katie1424 (Budding Member 69 posts) 5y

Hoping to have about 3grand to take with me!!

No plans for cairns yet!! U?? xx

10. Posted by charlie33 (Budding Member 20 posts) 5y

Ive been looking the the thaintro Katie looks amazing, would you be up for doing it?

Yeah three max I will have, and then will get a bar or fruit picking job over there.

No if you wanted to book so we end up in the same hostel let me know xx