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Fork in the road

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1. Posted by Mimi84 (Full Member 71 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hi guys,

I'm rubbish when it comes to decision making and I was hoping for some advice or another point of view ...

I am 27 and I've worked in my job for nearly 7 years, it's okay but it's just something I feel I turn up for, there's no buzz of excitement. At the end of last year I applied to university to study a foundation diploma in art and design which is a year course with a view to start a degree in something like textile and surface design which is a 3 year course. I have been accepted onto the foundation course which begins in September this year. I realised that I needed to earn more money (I know life doesn't revolve around money, there's more to life) I wanted to be able to buy a house, I earn peanuts and the most I can hope for is to rent, which is fine but I feel like it's throwing money away on something you don't own, especially when you can spend just as much on a mortgage and you can at least own something at end of it.

Anyway,On the other side of the coin, I have a bit of money saved up which has taken a long time to save, the thought that that money would only cover one year at uni when the fees increase, makes me feel sick. I also think about the fact that I'm 27 and by the time I actually finish uni I'll be 32 and the employment rate for university leavers in this country is dyer. Do I really want to go through all of that? It's not just that though, I enjoy painting and drawing, but I do it for me, as and when I feel like it. I've had a lot of great feedback from friends about what I do and I manged to sell two paintings to a friend which felt good. However I'm not sure I have the passion to make it a career. I've always been more of a work to live person than a live to work person. I've already been to university once to study English which I decided wasn't for me after 2 years and I left and started my current job. I want to be sure that I'm making the best choices for me. I've never been much of a risk taker but I think it's time to do something about that.

Clearly, I don't have much time left to make this decision. I realise I've got an opportunity which other people may not have gotten but I just feel a bit like it's a turning point in my life which deserves some thought. I get that 27 isn't old, 32 isn't old, but it's a lot of time in between to get to a place which I'm not exactly sure I want to be.

My alternative idea is that, for so long now, I have wanted to travel. I'm not too sure I'm cut out for the backpacker life, however I feel like I'd gain so much from it. I struggle with an anxiety problem and I've isolated myself from life in general for a long time which has resulted in so many problems and I'm just sick of it. I'm tired of being scared to do anything. My problem is, because I become crippled by my anxiety, I would wanted someone to come along with me who I am comfortable enough with to know I'm a bit nuts for what seems like no reason sometimes. I know that I put the obstacles up and I'm working on getting pass them everyday. I think that I have enough saved to see a few places and really have a life experience which may be worth more than the achievements I may get from university but am I throwing away an opportunity ??

What do you think guys???

Tikilou x