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1. Posted by dinah1 (Full Member 10 posts) 5y

On looking through the entries in the latest photo comp. (pink, comp29) I find that one person, I'm not mentioning names, has 28 entries. I thought you could only enter three photos. Can anyone tell me how the moderators can choose any of these to feature? It seems, with 28 entries, this person has an unfair advantage.
Cheers, Dinah

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 5y

Hi Dinah,

The moderators choose photos to feature totally separate from the photo competitions actually. There's quite some hours spent going through all the photos uploaded (with a location set) to the site and then featuring the best ones. The tags don't actually show on the page that the moderators use to feature photos either, so this would not normally be something a moderator would notice.

I believe that right before creating the voting page Peter goes through all the featured photos and removes ones he feels don't make the cut, and I imagine he also ensures no more than 3 photos are entered per user at this stage. I see what you mean though, and I always took that rule to mean no more than 3 in the final competition, but it could easily be read differently.

Let me check with Peter and see what he thinks :)


3. Posted by Peter (Admin 5906 posts) 5y

Hi Dinah, you're right, there should only be three entered per person. Sometimes people miss that line and enter more. This can actually disadvantage them. If more than 3 photos were featured by moderators, then the voting page will *randomly* pick three to show. It will never show more than 3 photos from one user. So if you have 5 featured pink photos, it may not show the same photos every time and it may not show your very best photo. Clearly, not in your best interest if you want to win the competition :)

Where it could advantage someone is if they don't have that many great photos and are just trying a lot to see if maybe one or two of them get featured. I'd say that's not likely to be the kind of photo to win a competition anyway, since it would mean a general low standard.

When I notice a situation where a user has entered a lot of photos that are all featured, I usually contact them to let them know about the problem. It doesn't do them any good having 10 featured photos entered. Just makes it less likely for any of them to succeed.

4. Posted by dinah1 (Full Member 10 posts) 5y

Thanks Peter and Sam,
I just wanted to clear up this point for myself and thought others might also be interested.

5. Posted by Peter (Admin 5906 posts) 5y

No problem, good to have it clarified somewhere :)