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traveling alone in vietnam / thailand

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1. Posted by sfreecity (Budding Member 3 posts) 5y

hi all,
thanks for reading this firstly and thanks for your advice secondly. i'm planning on leaving for vietnam/thailand may 3rd.

i'm making my first solo trip to vietnam / thailand with not too much planning done. (more of a spur of the moment trip due to the job market and my savings) i've only really planned and talked with people for 2 days so far and hope to book my major flights tomorrow (wednesday). thailand is a bit better sketched out and i'm planning on hitting chiang mai, bangkok, phuket (and islands) and ko samui (and islands).

i'm wondering if it is a better idea to buy airfare beforehand, seeing there are some deals out of bangkok on bangkok airlines? i'm planning on 2 days up in chiang mai and 3 days in phuket and islands as well as 3 in ko samui area and islands then back to bangkok for 2 before heading back to the states.

then there is the question of vietnam. my ideal route is hanoi, halong bay, hue, da lat, nha trang and ho chi minh city. i'm planning on 10 days for the vietnam jaunt and wondering if i have bit off more than i can chew and will be rushed from place to place. on top of that, i'm concerned about buying airfare if i don't know if i can make it in time to the next location. is it ok to expect there won't be many other travelers in may and i can just show up and grab a flight to the next city? or i hear the roads are pretty terrible, would a bus be a good idea between hanoi and halong, and hue dalat and nha trang?.

any words of wisdom? advice? insight?

anyone heading out that wants to meet up?

thanks again and keep yearning for the open road/ocean/skies,


2. Posted by halongbay2011 (Inactive 1 posts) 5y

hi ,
The time that u expect to spend in Vietnam is realy short. Train is good idea but it's take a long time.
So from Hanoi to Halong bay, u should use bus about 5- 10$/pax/way. U can stay about one day or two in Halong bay.
U go from Hanoi to Hue by airplane but in May and June, Phu Bai airport is going to stop for fixing in Hue.If u take a bus, it will be 5-6 hours.
From Hue to Dalat, NhaTrang, only can go by bus.
U can ask receptionist at hotel in Hanoi, they have full information that u need.
Enjoy your trip!

3. Posted by sfreecity (Budding Member 3 posts) 5y

thanks so much for the information!
is it going to be really easy to just step in an airport and grab a flight in an hour or two if i need?

i'm considering flying from hanoi to da nang then busing from da nang to hue and hoi and flying from da nang to nha trang and dalat then busing down to hcmc.

thanks again!

4. Posted by laurenrose05 (Budding Member 9 posts) 5y


I am flying from Bangkok to Phuket return for 68GBP with which I have found the cheapest for flights, plus, you only have to be there 45 mins before the flight departs which means less time travelling!!


5. Posted by Vig (Budding Member 3 posts) 5y


I'm going to be travelling from Hanoi to HCMC and then into Cambodia from approx May15th to May 29th. I'll also be travelling solo.

I was hoping to get info about overnight buses to save time....I've read a few posts which suggest these are quite common in Vietnam.

If you want, I can email you my itinerary with the possibility of meeting up somewhere along the way?

Otherwise, does anyone have any notes on these overnight buses??



6. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 1997 posts) 5y

If you wait to buy tickets at any airport, you will pay the very highest fare! Vietnam is not a small country - you need at least 3 weeks to do it justice.

7. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3562 posts) 5y

Quoting Vig

I was hoping to get info about overnight buses to save time....I've read a few posts which suggest these are quite common in Vietnam. Otherwise, does anyone have any notes on these overnight buses??
Cheers Vig

Overnight buses are great for maximizing your time in VN. From HAN to Hue is your first overnight. I left around 6pm for Hue. At least 4 companies run the open tour down to HCMC. I prefer Sinh cafe, but have used Hanh cafe as well. Sinh generally has better buses. Sinh cafe usually stops at $20 hotels. You do not have to stay there. In Hue, I stayed at Binh Minh Hotel, $8. Quiet, good location, decent room, fair price. Located in the same alley as 'cafe on thu wheels'. I went with 'thu wheels' for seeing the sights around Hue. My review is #10. Photos of Thu in my gallery.

Next overnight option is from Hoi An to Nha Trang (NT). My blog covers NT and my hotel, tour. From NT you can visit Mui Ne (MN), DaLat (DL) or back to HCM. There is an overnight bus from NT to HCM if you choose not to visit either DL or MN. I have photos of both places. MN has sand dunes, average beach. I would spend a few days in DL if you have time. Cool, green, pretty. My friends rode the overnight bus from NT to HCM. They found it hard to sleep on the reclining couches.

I have been to VN 5 times and have photos from HAN to the delta in my gallery. Send me a PM if you have questions.

8. Posted by Vig (Budding Member 3 posts) 5y

Hey Vegasmike6, thanks for the info!! Very helpful indeed!! I'll check out your blog for details of the Hue to NT overnighter though as I managed to find some info on the Hanoi-Hue overnighter after I posted last.

Thanks agaain!


9. Posted by sfreecity (Budding Member 3 posts) 5y

thanks, but i will be in thailand when you are headed to vietnam.

vegasmike6, thanks for the info! i booked flights because i was a little terrified of the road scenario. i was wondering if you'd recommend hoi an over hue or vice versa? i only have two days and i'm flying into da nang, so i'm thinking i'm only going to have time to see one before i fly down to nha trang. also, do you speak vietnamese? i don't speak a lick and am concerned about the difficulty of setting up tours etc because of it. i also am planning on getting hotels as i get into town rather than arranging them, is this a bad idea in may?

thanks again!
safe travels, vig!