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Dont know where to start! HELP

Travel Forums General Talk Dont know where to start! HELP

1. Posted by guyfield91 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hi my names guy. im 19. i live on the south coast of england down in Portsmouth. I realised at college university wasnt for me as i only managed to just get through college. Ive got a decent job which allows me to save a decent amount of money every month/week. Ive been flirting with the idea of going traveling for ages and whenever ive started to get a fair amount of money its either been spent on......... actually i dont have a clue what iive spent it on. Im started getting serious about it now. I When ive got enough i plan to head away into the sunset and not come back i hope! I have a couples of friends have moved out to Australia who i can stay with so i intend this to be this first place im going to go and see what happens after that. Just planning the whole is a bit daunting and i don't really know the first place to start

I just need to know the easiest ways of saving money. I do like my nights and know i need to stop because if i want to go traveling its a bit of waste of money. I don;t know whether its just a case of cutting out most parts of my social life and just doing whatever is very cheap to do. Or just plan to go out once or twice every month? If everyone has got any advice how they saved up for the trips id appreciate it because working 40 hours and a week without anytime to chill out with my mates with kill me.

My main goal is to of left england by next years summer in 2012. I have no plans to come back. Id like to live most of place life going from country to country and just enjoying myself to be honest

If anyone has any advice about saving and planning trips anything would be great!

2. Posted by hanaldinho (Full Member 20 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hi Guy

I think 99.999% of people on here would tell you to go for it and travel! Personally, I was bitten by the travel bug in my late 20s and recently went back-packing on my own around South America at the age of 30. Best decision I ever made, and I absolutely loved every minute of it. Planning wise, well I took this to the extreme and ended up with a spreadsheet of where I wanted to go, activities and bus routes (it was even colour coded by Malaria area but you don't need to do this, i'm just a loser). Without sounding patronising about your age, you really are in a brilliant position at 19 and I would imagine with minimal commitments. I'd loved to have had the confidence to travel when I was younger, minus the mortgage and other financial responsibilities which I had to factor into my planning/saving when I went travelling. But looking into all the places you want to go is part of the fun and builds your excitement. As for the saving up, you have to ask yourself how much do you want to go and live your travelling dream? When you are out there doing it, every sacrifice of a night in (or cheaper/alternative night out) is totally worth it and makes you appreciate the experience even more. I'd recommend making a list of what you want from your travels - how long, where you want to go, type of activities. Rather than buy travels books (an expense), go to your local library and have a look through some books there to see what grabs you. Once you have found a country or continent (s), you can read more about good places to visit and there are loads of good threads and advice on here as a starting point too. Money wise, lots of posts on here give examples of budgets, this again really depends on what you do - staying in hostels, cooking your own food/buying food off the street is going to be cheaper than eating out all the time and going on lots of tours. If you have a rough figure of how much money you need you can work out how much to save each week/month and keep reminding yourself of why you are going travelling so that you stick to it. For me it did mean cutting back on going/eating out but I knew I really really wanted to travel and it was worth every penny.

I guess it depends how much you want to forward plan, loads of travellers love the spontaneity of just rocking up somewhere and seeing what happens. Others (like me) enjoy more detailed planning of specific places to visit and how much they are likely to spend. Either way the experience of other cultures and environments and fun of being on the road will open your mind and change your life. You will love it. And if you don't, what have you lost - you tried and you can stay living in England with our crazy inflation and wonderful weather :)

3. Posted by james (Travel Guru 4138 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Determine how much money you will need to save by the time you leave and divide this by the number of weeks until this time. That will give you the amount you will need to save on a weekly basis. Put that money aside and live off the rest.

If you really want to go travelling then you'll just have to find the discipline to save. Otherwise you are in effect spending your travel money now.