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FREE BEER. Stockholm meet, Saturday Feb 5th

Travel Forums Europe FREE BEER. Stockholm meet, Saturday Feb 5th

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11. Posted by GretaGarbo (Full Member 48 posts) 12y

See you tomorrow, can't wait!

12. Posted by sole (Full Member 208 posts) 12y

Hmmmm, sitting here, at home, in front of the computer, WORKING!!! On a Saturday night!!!!!!!! Hope you guys are drinking a couple of pints for me as well!!!

You'll have to give a full report here, so I can see what I've missed!! Still really annoyed about having to work!

looking forward to hearing everything about your night out in Stockholm.


13. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 12y

Well, just thought I'd thank Greta Garbo and Gelli for a good time on Saturday. Would you believe I even made my flight the next morning? :)

And Wales even won the rugby, couldn't have been better. I also lucked out on the blackjack table (can you believe they have that in a bar!) so there really was FREE beer :)

Sole, next time we'll have to have one in Denmark!


14. Posted by GretaGarbo (Full Member 48 posts) 12y

Nice meeting you, too, Sam!
Just to make things clear. Sweden won the leg wrestling competition.
Wales lost that one.

15. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 12y

Sam - scarily impressive, although guessing it can't have been fun for you getting there so early.
Greta - i do indeed bow to Sweden's vast superiority in leg wrestling. My shoulder still doesn't like me!
Sole - yup, we had a couple to commiserate your absence, and definitely will try and fix one in Kbh. There's 4 more rugby weekends coming up, and Kbh is the closest i can watch anyway. Anyone else....?

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