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Anyone Travelling to Perth Australia June 2011 alone?????

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Anyone Travelling to Perth Australia June 2011 alone?????


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1. Posted by Lizzy87 (Budding Member 16 posts) 5y


My name is Liz, i'm 24 and and travelling to Perth on a years working holiday Visa. I don't have anywhere to stay just now and i am a bit nervoys about meeting new people. I was thinking about renting a room rather than a hostel, think it will be cheaper this way. Also i'm thinking to go and work and the explore the place at the weekends.

I would like to meet people in the same boat at me and maybe meet up when we're out there!

I think i will be heading across to the east coast at some point too!

I love to have a drink and a party aty the weekends but also love exploring and doing spontanious adventurus things, i would like to do a dive, a ski dive and a bungee whilst i'm there. i would love to go walking climing and camping too!

Hope to here from you fellow travelers soon :) xxx

2. Posted by Griffin123 (Budding Member 33 posts) 5y

hey, im hoping to head 2 perth in a few weeks be traviling on own as well, and iv no idea wat to do or were to go and stuff, im 23 from cork, were u from

3. Posted by Lizzy87 (Budding Member 16 posts) 5y

hi, Im from london but live in scotland .... i like to get around :). When you thinking of leaving? Have you booked you flight yet?

4. Posted by deepikanair1986 (Inactive 1 posts) 5y

ya i am traveling

5. Posted by Lizzy87 (Budding Member 16 posts) 5y

Cool you got ant idea of where you going yet, are you going with anyone? when are you going?

6. Posted by Char_85 (Budding Member 42 posts) 5y

Hi Guys,

I'm in the same boat..just going a bit ealrier...I'm leaving on Sunday morning! I'm flying to Perth and hoping to do some exploring there for a while and getting a job also. I'm travelling alone, 24 girl from Ireland. Be great to meet up with any friendly faces when ye get there :)


7. Posted by Lizzy87 (Budding Member 16 posts) 5y

Hey Char,

Do you know where your staying yet? Be cool to meet ya wahen i arrive. Do you have FB so we can have more of a chat and that. Add me Elizabeth Sharpe from London, theres a pic of me n my sis, She has blond hair and i got long brown.

Safe journey and happy exploring :)

Liz xxx:)

8. Posted by shellbell33 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y

Hey liz!

I am travelling to oz in the next couple of months, not sure where to go first or what to do! eek! researching like crazy. i am 29 and travelling alone. love to party but also like the chilled life too. have a like minded spontainius attitude and looking to be a bit of trill seeker while out there. lol!! i am on face book too so if you want to chat more let me know

Shell xx

9. Posted by Griffin123 (Budding Member 33 posts) 5y

hey lizzy ya think i justed you u on it there, my profile pic is me and my litte fella in a stech drawing, na i dont have my flight booked yet, still have 2 sell my car before i can go, wat way are u flying out?do u have ur flight booked

10. Posted by Griffin123 (Budding Member 33 posts) 5y

if ye wanna add me on fb yel find me under ben griffin my oz number is -snip- and my irish is -snip-

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