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1. Posted by roxy.j (Budding Member 2 posts) 5y

I am completely clueless on travel in Europe. Is it possible to camp at places? Or is the cheapest form of accomodation hostels? And how safe would it be? I know that travelling around South Africa camping or even staying in hostels wouldn't be safe at all. Me and my friend are keen to travel for 6 months but we first will need to know a budget. We are completely used to roughing it and want to be able to get odd jobs as we go. Is this even possible?

2. Posted by kichikacha (Respected Member 328 posts) 5y


this thread might be interesting for you on budget travel in europe...

staying in hostels in SA is safe.

south east asia became popular for its relatively cheap prices and safety.

3. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4933 posts) 5y

Quoting roxy.j

We are completely used to roughing it and want to be able to get odd jobs as we go. Is this even possible?

Depends on where you're from. If within the EU, then yes. If from Australia, Canada, Japan or New Zealand, you could get a working holiday visa for one of most EU countries, and work in those (and a few other countries enable you to get a WHV from a few specific EU countries, so if for example you were from South Korea, you could get a WHV in Germany or France, and from the USA you could get a WHV in Ireland. (Going by this chart) Otherwise not.

4. Posted by roxy.j (Budding Member 2 posts) 5y

Thank you both for that advice. I'm actually from south africa :) I think I should do some research but I'm feeling encouraged and I think I'm gonna go...

5. Posted by pittel (Budding Member 4 posts) 5y

Hostels are definitely safe, so they´re a really good option. You can find a lot of cheap ones online. On you can also narrow down your search to camping sites if you want.

I would also recommend couchsurfing. It´s a great way to meet people and get a real taste of what the city/town is like. Even if you end up not staying at someone´s house, they have opportunities to meet up with people from the area. A lot of places have meet-ups every week, so you can meet other travellers as well.

As for odd jobs, I don´t think you can get an actual job, but there are always places that will pay you under the table if you look hard enough, or meet the right people :)

Good luck!