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whats CHEAPEST country to live in?

Travel Forums General Talk whats CHEAPEST country to live in?

1. Posted by rghdesigns (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y

Hi, i want to move to a CHEAP CHEAP country to live in exile for a while, i want to just focus on my work

i gotta have high speed internet and have a cheap ass place/country to live in

anyone know of a place that fits the profile????

2. Posted by jhoppy (Inactive 5 posts) 5y

You can live cheaply in Africa, but trying to live to a Western style will be expensive. I loved living in Uganda. You can find most anything you want in Kampala...good restaurants, clubs, hotels and groceries, etc. They are having a bit of political turmoil at the moment, but my friends who are still there say they haven't been affected by it so far. I've heard Nairobi or Addis Ababa are great places to live as well.

3. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 2001 posts) 5y

a cost of living index here

4. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1834 posts) 5y

India is very cheap outside of the big cities but broadband may be another matter. That you will have to look for.

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6. Posted by waikawa (Budding Member 7 posts) 5y

there a lot of cheap places, depends on your ability to 'live like a local' , eventually they are all missing something, why just one place ? just do it, live in one place for 3-6 months, if you start missing something, move to the next.
Thailand, vietnam, samoa, fiji are some of my favourites, all different.with pluses and minuses- look up real estate agents, you can normally find contacts to rent a place for a while, or try housesitting.
i'm house sitting in fiji now for 4 mths, broadband, electricity, cheap local food, warm weather, a beach across the road...

7. Posted by desertman909y (Inactive 1 posts) 5y

i think Dubai, and Africa is cheap place to live happy