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Going Around to see many places

Travel Forums Introductions Going Around to see many places

1. Posted by salekimax (First Time Poster, 1 posts) 29 May '11 18:42

Hello every1;

jeez, I feel so much older than you guys but still have a strong heart and will to see the world.
I am 48 year male and have been traveling to India, Middle-east, Thailand, Europe, ... but never to Australia and new Z
I am easy going and in good health, I like to do it late this summer, so if anyone interested let me know.

Let me know,


2. Posted by beerman (Moderator, 1631 posts) 30 May '11 06:24

Welcome to TP Max.

Don't feel old, it's all a state of mind. I'll be 50 in a week, and I'm travelling by train, plane(s), and car for the next 2 weeks. At our age, we tend to have more wisdom and experience than a lot of the "kids" around here. So just get out there and travel!!!!


3. Posted by Peadar (Budding Member, 2 posts) 30 May '11 07:01

Hey Max & Beerman,

Go for it I say, life is for living and no matter how you do it and no matter what your age, it can only be a good thing...

Maybe you guys have seen this site: -snip- but if not then enjoy it as it is created totally by travelers of all ages posting what their seeing sleeping and eating on the 4 corners of this planet.

I used the site extensively in Vienna a couple of weeks ago and the tips and recommendations were excellent. I saw places that are not even on the map per say...

Would be great to see what you think !!!


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