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12. Posted by kategirl (Inactive 7 posts) 5y

Hmm, cool! Somore people touring my land... Wish I could be along with you guys, seeing it all through your eyes... Hope you enjoy it! Are you just starting on your tour, or have you been travelling awhile already? First time in Brazil???

'K, have a gud one!

-Kat ;)

13. Posted by trinishyboy (Budding Member 6 posts) 5y

Yes, indeed more people tour your country than you might know. Many little wonders to be discovered =)

I left Rio for Belo Horizonte which I used as a base while I visit Ouro Preto, Diamantina and Tiradentes. I am now in Diamantina and will visit Tiradentes perhaps tomorrow or Saturday before I go to Brasilia. I'll keep you updated =)


14. Posted by kategirl (Inactive 7 posts) 5y

All right, I'll be waiting to hear about it!
What is there to see in these places?


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