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USA, CANADA, ALASKA in two and half month, low budget

Travel Forums Travel Companions USA, CANADA, ALASKA in two and half month, low budget

1. Posted by seagull27 (Budding Member 3 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

I'll start in new york and heading immediately to canada, visit montreal, gaspè peninsula and toronto, then long ride to west stopping probably in calgary, leaving again heading to north and british columbia, reach whitehorse and cross border to alaska, then fairbanks, denali parks and anchorage (or reverse), stay a week or two in alaska visiting best spot on budget.
trip continue coming bak to fairbanks and whitehorse for heading south toward vancouver, then seattle and around, on the road again to yellowstone and parks around (mt. rushmore too) then colorado and maybe arizona and utah (all this part of the trip is not decided yet...), when return date is close i'll come back to ny.
all this route will be done by bus, i'll buy the 60 day pass from biggest bus company, all night will be spent in hostel or camping, all meal will be self cooked, essentially a low budget trip.
if we make a small group some tour can be done by car (rented) saving money compared to buy other group tour.
looking for travelmate possibly aged from 20 to 40, no smoker and cabable to "enjoy" even the long run by bus or the night in tent.
i'm 30 something from italy, very expert on budget travel, i spoke english, spanish and italian.
trip will start from newyork about june 20th-25th and finish around first week of september.
you can join also for just partial route of the trip.

2. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru 2574 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

When you say "low budget" what do you mean exactly?


3. Posted by seagull27 (Budding Member 3 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

what i mean for low budget... for example spending for entire trip less than a tour operator ask you for a little two week trip...
or looking everyday for cheapest food, hostel or everything you need.
there is many way to travel, i choise to spend money just to be in a place and save more possible for things i think unnecessary.
another example: for sleeping there is many choises, from a bed in hostel that cost you 20$ or motel that cost 40$ or hotel up to 300$ at night, i think that sleeping it's just sleeping and hundreds of dollars for just a bed for me it's an unnecessary cost.
in every case i choise to spend as low possible: flight cost to me about 500 euros, bus pass cost 560 us$ (two month long), sleeping cost from 20 to 25$ per night (less in case of camping with tent), for meals i think to spend about 5/8$ per day, there is also transportation in alaska (that bus pass not include) that cost around 600$, there is also to pay for entrance at some national park, around 100$ (for all parks i consider, can be more or less...) and last cost is tour in the park that not include public trasportation (yellowstone for example) that can vary from 30/40$ is i find a little group which renting a car up to 75$ for a guided bus tour.
that's a rought amount, contingency can always happen so you have also to deal with, anyway this is the minimum cost for a two month and half trip that include also alaska that is one of most expensive place in the world.
i'm conscious tha bus isn't the best way (in term of comfort) for cover so long distances but same route with plane cost double or more...
also i know that spend little money in food isn't the best... but i prefer save money in that to plow back in other activity, but you are not obliged to do that, if you have lots money free to spent it the best way you choise.
for every questions fell free to ask.
i'm also open to any suggestion.