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Introducing myself to this community of travellers

Travel Forums Introductions Introducing myself to this community of travellers

1. Posted by bikehike11 (Budding Member, 5 posts) 13 Jun '11 14:22

Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie to this forum, and of course one of you guys. I do love travelling, but right now confused where should I go to spend my beautiful time. Please help me guys, I would appreciate all your ideas.

Thanks in advance!

2. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru, 1569 posts) 13 Jun '11 19:12

How can you expect legitimate, helpful suggestions when you give no clue whatsoever as to your travel experience, age, likes/dislikes, budget, style of travel, etc?...


3. Posted by Thatoeminn (Budding Member, 9 posts) 15 Jun '11 20:50

Welcome to Myanmar,(Burma) just come. I am sure you will have wonderful time here. The country is most beautiful in SEA. This is not just TV drama, deal deal.

4. Posted by hotpatriot (Inactive, 2 posts) 16 Jun '11 06:35

I am hotpatriot, nice to meet you :)

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