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21. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 12y

I think we have new undisputed leaders in the field of 'thread hijacking' :)

Back to the topic of advertising. These new Nike ads are quite funny. There's little subtleties in there that are great.

If anyone knows much about flash, I wouldn't mind having something similar done up for TP :)

22. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 12y

hehehe i'd never seen them before, they're great !!! just the right thing to cheer me up ( i was trying to get U2 tickets but to no avail, they sold out two dates in an hour...... )

23. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 12y

I love the Guinness advertising here in Ireland - it's very evocative.

My favourite one of late is where the owner decides to take the TV out of his little hole-in-the-wall pub and heads off up the town to the local dump followed in hot pursuit by half his clientele and his girlfriend/wife. They proceed to throw the offending TV into the boot (i.e. trunk) of a banged up car which is then crushed to bits.

They all return to the pub and observe the now empty spot previously occupied by the TV...there's a long silence....they all look at the barman who says "Now, we've got something to talk about! "

Oh and the music is great too!

24. Posted by Peter (Admin 5847 posts) 12y

Hey, I saw something done by the same people who did that Nike ad (or Nike just ripped them off) - it was more about countries being blown up, etc.. absolutely hilarious. Darned, I'm going to have to try and find it now, which might be hard considering I saw it about a year and a half ago!!

Re: the KitKat ad.. I guess their trick worked though - it got them a mention on TP and we know how much that's worth!! Seriously, I think it's because Salmon's don't eat KitKats, that's why we should .. maybe..

25. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 12y

maybe that's it...

Proof that off-the-wall advertising works: I'm gonna get another KitKat today to see what they say on the back of it today.

I'll keep you all posted....

26. Posted by Peter (Admin 5847 posts) 12y

H'ok, it wasn't easy, but I've found the original masterpiece. Very nice indeed. A search for "h'ok" in google did the trick in the end!!

If you hadn't seen it already enjoy :)

27. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 12y

Yeah, that's a classic :)

The guys that made these have something with the French by the way....