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Travelling, bad skin, and make up

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1. Posted by mystified (Budding Member 6 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

One for the girls, although I'd appreciate anyones input.

I have a trip planned to Australia in August, which I'm really excited for. There's just one thing making me anxious - my skin. I have a LOT of deep red marks from past acne on both sides of my cheek, and they make me so self conscious... I don't go anywhere without mineral make up on. the thought of so many people (in hostels ect) seeing me without make up is quite terrifying for me. My parents don't even see me bare faced.

I really want to get over this issue, and was hoping the marks would have faded significantly by now... they've faded a bit, but are still *extremely* obvious. It's really makes me sad because I wanted to go traveling and not have to worry about this shit - be bare faced and fresh. Only last year my skin was clear, then I had a few months of crazy outbreaks which left my skin with red blotches all over my cheeks.

To the girls out there who go traveling and have bad skin, how did you get over it? Were you self conscious at first? did you try to cover up with make up?

I could really use some encouragement!


2. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3859 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

I can sympathise, as I have struggled with acne since I was 13; I still have outbreaks now and I'm 35. I generally always did and still do wear make- up when travelling in order to cover up my acne, apart from when I was travelling in South East Asia as any make- up would literally have slid off in the heat and humidity! I agree that the thought of being able to go barefaced is nice and I do envy people with perfect skin who are comfortable doing that, but I think if wearing your make- up makes you feel more comfortable then you should still wear it. Plenty of travellers do wear make-up. Could you perhaps try some decent concealer instead of foundation so you don't feel like you are wearing as much and could do a quicker job?

Hope this helps a little. :)

3. Posted by mystified (Budding Member 6 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for such a fast response!

I use a Mac concealer, and then mineral make up over it - the concealer on it's own is the best I've used (and I've tried LOADS), but it barely covers the marks on it's own. If I was in a huge rush I'd just use my mineral concealer and foundations because it can be applied in about a minute, it just doesn't give as good coverage.

Over here, I'm pretty obsessed over my make up looking perfect, and if I take time applying it I can make my skin look almost flawless... so that's how I'm used to doing it. When I'm away I know I'll need to force myself to be content in just a bit of coverup, I just get very anxious when I think about others seeing me completely barefaced. As much as I'll use make up whenever I can, there are going to be times when it's just not possible (when I first wake up, when we go snorkling, etc), and it's just going to be a very hard adjustment.

It's a rather terifying thought..

I guess I just have this image of everyone going bare faced when they're travelling, and I really don't want to be the one who's always applying make up, but I know I'll feel insecure if I'm not, and I don't want it to ruin my experience.

4. Posted by Flounda23 (Budding Member 27 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!


I'm so sorry to hear about your issues with your skin and can only imagine how self conscious it must make you feel at the thought of going bare faced. I agree with bex though, if you are happy wearing make up then there's no reason why you can't wear it whilst travelling.

However, there are lots of remedies which can help reduce scarring, redness and acne. Skin acne is usually brought on with a hormone imbalance so you should visit your GP and discuss whether or not they can give you medication to reduce and/or stop the problem. There are lots of homeopathic remedies for redness, acne and scarring so it may be worthwile looking into those. I've used homeopathic remedies for lots of different issues and I swear by them.

I really hope whatever you do, you manage to relax and enjoy your time travelling regardless of going bare faced or with make up on. Best of luck and happy travelling!

5. Posted by mystified (Budding Member 6 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

^ Thanks for your input :)

I've tried many MANY remedies to reduce red marks (topicals, skin lighteners, glycolic acid peels), and some of them have faded significantly over the last few months, but there's still a long way to go, and some of which (the worst ones) don't look like they've budged at all. The acne is under control - I rarely get new acne (thanks to antibiotics and a topical lotion), it's just these damn red marks that make me look as if I've still got tons.

Thanks so much - I'm almost confident that I'll settle into it after a while and won't worry about it too much, but the first few weeks are likely to be quite difficult for me, as I'm not used to people seeing all my skin imperfections. I have my 'screw it, I don't care what anyone thinks' moments, but I also have my bad days (like today).

6. Posted by komradeKami (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

hey I have dreadful skin spots and excemea - so spotty and scabby - and i have freckles - I dont tan I burn I have no melamin in my face which is permanatly red my hair is greasy blah blah blah. Spent years worrying about how I looked - total waste of time - changed nothing and just made me unhappy.

Besides which the rigours of travel mean your looks are not as they would be at home.Yes some lucky travelors manage to look good no matter where they are and what they are doing - the rest of us get by with sun damaged hair mosquito bites, cracked heels and shiney sweaty faces.

When you are travelling you meet people quickly - you dont get to know them over time and you judge them by who they are not what they look like. Anyone who judges by appearances would be a fool -in a worse case scenario con men dont look like thieves. more realistically If you are going to be on a train for 36 hours with some one you dont care if they have acne - you want to now if they are good company. This is of course true of real life too but we get so bombarded with images telling us that physical beauty is all (maybe to sell all that crap) , we forget it.

I know that is not totally reassuring and it is a pain in the ass to see the flawless complexioned ones saying " looks dont matter" but actually they dont. Its nice to have good skin but its only one very small and in the end unimportant part of the package. I dont want to sound preachy but travell is a time when you do tackle challenging stuff and feel better for it. Do what you can to make yourself feel better but when you cant let your face be free, enjoy your trip and any one who judges you by what you look like is not some one you want to be travelling with. Including you. Bring on the "screw it"

Happy trip


7. Posted by mystified (Budding Member 6 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

^ That was really lovely to read. And reassuring.

People like you give me confidence and make me worry about this kind of stuff a lot less... so thank you for that. Those words mean a lot. :)

8. Posted by enf (Budding Member 32 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!


I'd second everything that's been said - travelling is a different world, you definitely judge on personality and having a good time, rather than looks as we are all guilty of in our everyday lives. If I hit it off with someone at breakfast or in the bar, I really don't care what they look like - it's all about having a good and memorable time and making new friends, not judging people on their looks!

I really sympathise with you though - it's very daunting, but don't think that just because you're going travelling you can't wear make up, I'd say most girls bring some with them, me included! I have eczema on my legs - sometimes very bad - but at some point you have to have confidence and say "You know what, I don't care what you think" and just enjoy yourself - I'm not going to forgoe a day on the beach or a surfing lesson because I'm self conscious. And I wouldn't worry about people seeing you in the morning etc, most people will be too hungover to notice....:)

And you never know - giving your skin a break may be good for you in the long run, as may being in the sun...I find that letting my skin breathe helps so much :)

Have fun and enjoy your travels :)

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