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Australia or Europe...Or Thailand...Or France...AHHHHHH! lol

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Australia or Europe...Or Thailand...Or France...AHHHHHH! lol

1. Posted by Jessieray021 (Budding Member, 8 posts) 23 Jun '11 12:17

So I am traveling for the FIRST time and traveling alone. I am now stuck on which country to start at! lol I want to see it all!!

Which would you think would be the best place to travel alone first?

Better night life?

Better cost?

I am from the United States and can't wait to explore the world! I would love to hear your experiences!! I plan on traveling for 6 months to a year starting at the beginning of 2012. :) :)

Thank you!

2. Posted by Mimiew (First Time Poster, 1 posts) 23 Jun '11 23:06 Thailand...Jessie

3. Posted by Steve79 (Respected Member, 326 posts) 24 Jun '11 13:43

I went to Thailand and Australia when I travelled. Of the two Thailand was by far my favourite. It is very, very cheap and there is so much to see and do. However in my opinion it would a harder place for a first time traveller than Australia. I found Australia VERY expensive, far more expensive than England, and I was slightly underwhelmed by what I saw there. I did however manage to get work there very easily which was well paid.

Anyway to answer your question - Thailand with a doubt!!

4. Posted by indranur (Inactive, 10 posts) 20 Jul '11 06:52

Indonesia its the best......