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1. Posted by Loldutch (Budding Member 10 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

planning to go to Italy next month, I decided its what I wanted to do because it was a lot cheaper than I expected it would be! my only problem is that I haven't travelled on my own before, never stayed in a hostel, and I need to know around how much a day it would cost for food and lodging, etc.. I plan to be there for about 21 days. any help would be appreciated, especially about the daily cost of things.

grazie :)

2. Posted by Bustadilatte (Budding Member 2 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Hi :-)

I'm Italian and I would like to give u some advices.

It depends on where you decided to go (in which cities or regions?) and in which period you want to travel to Italy.

Anyway, I advise you not to travel in high season, namely in summer (especially in August) or during Christmas Time - New Year's Day (December - first days of January) because obviously prices in hotels, b&bs, hostels, etc. are much higher!!

In 21 days you have the time necessary for visiting the most beautiful cities rich in culture, museums and art, such as Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice, Pisa.

For example, if you go to Florence in September, you can spend a minimum of 45 euros per night in a hotel (Single room), just look at here:;label=AF-EN-sb-general;sid=933a96aec2769040ebd3ca0b8fd71c7a;checkin_monthday=20;checkin_year_month=2011-9;checkout_monthday=21;checkout_year_month=2011-9;class_interval=1;do_availability_check=1;ht_id=3;ifl=1;pr_cur_code=EUR;pr_id=1;radius=0;si=ai%2Cco%2Cci%2Cre;ss=Florence;ss_all=0;ssb=empty;order=price

Anyway, for booking an accommodation in Florence, here it is a very good website: where you can search by kind of accommodation, departure or arrival dates and destination. in this website I also found many useful tips about travelling around Florence and you can also book tickets for the museums, so you can skip the line! :) It seems to me a good idea.

In Milan, in the same period, the situation seems to be cheaper:;label=AM-EN-sb-general;sid=933a96aec2769040ebd3ca0b8fd71c7a;checkin_monthday=25;checkin_year_month=2011-9;checkout_monthday=26;checkout_year_month=2011-9;class_interval=1;do_availability_check=1;ifl=1;pr_cur_code=EUR;pr_id=1;radius=1;si=ai%2Cco%2Cci%2Cre;ss=Milano;ssb=empty;order=price --> starting from 36 euros per night in a single room.

You can easily check availability in hotels and book your accommodation in other cities with the help of these websites:


I suggest you also to visit the Region of Liguria, with Cinque Terre, 5 wonderful villages by the sea! Here for accommodation: and here for info about cinque terre:

I hope I gave u a hand! :-)

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4. Posted by Loldutch (Budding Member 10 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

yep, that's been a great help! gave me some ideas about where to go, i'm still planning where to go, but ive had to cut down from 21 days to 16, which is a shame. but still, i can always go back, i'm really looking forward to Florence and Venice now i just need to work on my Italian..

5. Posted by SkyMind (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Wow, 21 days in Italy are a long time! You can do so many things and organization of trip is of primary importance. Since I'm Italian and I travel a lot hope I can help you with a sort of itinerary. First thing: you can't miss Venice (plus Burano and Murano), Rome and Florence, three of the most beautiful cities in Italy. About the accomodation i surely advice to check out these websites: and (the best I've found for reservation online).
Don't forget to see also the website of each cities where you can find maps, virtual tours, pics, tips and much more and do the same thing with the fantastic travel guide online of National Geographic,
Apart from "classical destinations" I also suggest to see: Liguria (Portofino and Cinque Terre or "Five Lands"), Tuscany (don't miss Siena and the wonderful countrisde of Chianti and Val D'Orcia area!!), Umbria (I love Orvieto, Spoleto and Spello) and Sicily (so many things to see! Don't miss Taormina, Agrigento but also San Vito Lo Capo, the most beautiful beach in Sicily!).
I really hope it helps!! Have a great time and enjoy my beautiful country!!

6. Posted by paulmacpaul (Full Member 107 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

I quite don't have any idea on the cost of living. But there are diners which have cheap food but good enough to satisfy your appetite. There are also vacation rentals which are cheap enough and would let you rent them within just weeks.