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Which card is the best option for multiple destinations?

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Which card is the best option for multiple destinations?

1. Posted by Mogwy87 (Budding Member 2 posts) 5y


I really need some advice/help on this topic, it's been driving me a bit loopy to be honest lol.
I've been looking up cash cards for the best rate, however, since i'm going to 5 countires (USA, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand) do I get a cash card thats pre-paid in Sterling or Dollars in order to get the best rate for my money?
I've got a feeling I need to get it in sterling but i'm not 100% sure.
I've looked at a few options such as Travelex cash passport, STA card, Halifax card etc...any advice on which card and currancy would be best for me would be really appreciated!

Thanks in advance! :)

2. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 1997 posts) 5y

Are you Canadian? The USD is the most widely accepted form of currency in the world. I looked into cash cards too, but I've always just used my debit card for cash, and never had a problem getting cash abroad. Those service charges on cash cards are what I dislike. I take a cr card too, but just for large purchases and emergency cash.

If you do decide on using debit/cr cards, be sure to tell your banks where you're headed, and exactly when.

3. Posted by enf (Budding Member 32 posts) 5y

I can recommend Caxton FX pre-paid card - you don't have to specify sterling or dollars if you get the worldwide one, and as it's worldwide it works anywhere. I'm from the UK so I just top up in sterling online. It's been really reliable, cheap to use and it saves the worry of losing your debit/credit card.

Hope that helps!

4. Posted by jeanie99 (Full Member 155 posts) 5y

Your ordinary ATM card is best the rates are updated daily. Try and open an account that will give you the best deal for withdrawal, all banks charge different amounts, Saga who we are with don't charge anything but the bank you withdraw from will. In England Nationwide don't charge a fee in Europe but do in the rest of the world. It's a pain but you have to ring round and ask. Don't forget to read the terms and conditions. ATM usage in Africa can be a bit hit and miss so you'll need to have US$ kept in a body belt for safety.
The prepaid are no good in Africa, the people that sell them say they are but they are not. Check with the banks in the countries you are travelling too I did and find some of the information we had been given was incorrect.
Best of luck

5. Posted by Mogwy87 (Budding Member 2 posts) 5y

Hi all,

Thanks for your much appreciated advice! I have finally made my decision and gone with Travelex Global Cash Passport. Hopefully this will fulfill my requirements :)

Thanks again,
Louise x