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£5k for Thailand, Aus, NZ, Fiji & South America

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1. Posted by kimmyj101 (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!


I'm leaving on the 26th October to travel to Bangkok, from there I want to travel round Thailand, do the full moon party on the 10th November and then travel (train maybe?) to Singapore where I then get my flight to Perth.

In Perth I will be staying with a friend for a few days before flying over to Cairns, from there I will greyhound down to Sydney to spend NYE there.

I then fly to New Zealand (haven't decided what to do yet but the Kiwi Experience looks good?) then I will be flying to Fiji for 2 weeks (to relax more than anything!)

From Fiji I will be flying into Chile, I then want to travel to Rio for the carnival, then over to Buenos Aries where I fly back home from. I was thinking of using coaches for this as my friends did the same (they said it was long, but cheaper than flying).

I have already booked my flights and I now have a budget of £5,000. I will be spending a month in Thailand, Aus & NZ, 2 weeks in Fiji and then about 5 weeks in South America. Does anyone have any views on if this will be enough??

Any tips will be welcome too!



2. Posted by TravelMc (Full Member 93 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Sounds like a good amount of cash to me! Depends on what style of trip you are aiming to enjoy though! If you are back packing you should be ok. If you are 4* hotels all the way you may need to reajust double check things!

Regards bussing rather than flying I recommend checking out the local flight information first at each place as a lot of places now have budget airlines and flying is actually cheaper when you weigh in the cost of getting too and from the airport, and the amount of time saved can be massive! That said you will not experience anything like the trains or busses in Thailand!!
Just make sure to take snacks as the transport can be a little unreliable and you may find the people selling the food don't speak your language which can make life tough (esp if you have any allergies).

In Thailand you can book a very nice hotel locally for far cheaper than you can book it from your home country but make sure (if you fancy a night or two of luxury) that you book through a properly approved travel agent (they have a govt insignia in the window). They tend to loiter around the local train and bus stations to tout for business so it shouldn't be too hard to find one! The Rough Guide to Thailand is a brilliant guide and I usually recommend thumbing through it in the book shop if you don't want to buy it just to get a flavour of things to do and see. They have great advice at the start of the guide too!

Aus and NZ have aforementioned cheap airlines but I'd say go with the kiwi experience in NZ - I keep hearing good things so long as you don't mind the party life style!

Tour trips tend to stop with the main aim of parting you from your cash (sometimes fora wonderful experience, sometimes for souvenirs). Remember that you don't HAVE to buy stuff at every stop as that will probably save you some dosh. Also consider alternative souvenirs (Fridge magnets and silly ornaments are wonderful but when you get home you really will wonder what to do with them) like t-shirts, local style shoes, hats etc - basically things that you can use while you travel as well as have as a reminder of a wonderful trip. It will also save a bit on the packing at the start. However, if you don't want to spend loads on these items don't expect them to be top quality goods. You will get lucky in some destinations and can have fun bargain souvenir hunting though!:)

I haven't been to south America so hopefully someone who has can comment on that side of things here.

I will say that you should figure out a daily budget for each destination - it will help you establish if you are taking the right amount for the kind of trip you want to have (those guide books are worth thrumbing through for an idea of the general cost of accom and food etc at each place) and means you have the opportunity to make sure each day you only take out with you what you need that day (if you lose your wallet at all then at least you still have the funds to get you through the rest of your trip!) You will also be better placed throughout your trip to know where you are at because you will be dealing with smaller sums!

I'm envious - it sounds like a great trip:)
Have fun

3. Posted by kimmyj101 (Budding Member 5 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Thanks Cara, I'm feeling less anxious about it now!! Lol.

Can't wait now, these next few months are going to drag :o) x